Are Tiny, Sun Powered Cameras A Thing? They Will Be Sooner Than You Think

Two gentleman from the University of Michigan, Euisik Yoon and Sung-Yun Park have developed a way to make the first tiny working camera out of two cells. First, let me explain this technology and how it would work. These two gentlemen found that one cell could do both of the functions needed for a camera: store the photo and generate the energy needed to take the photo. Photovoltaic cells do both of these things. After further testing, Yoon and Park found that enough light passes through one cell that they could put two of these cells together. So essentially, one cell will harvest the energy needed. The other cell uses the stored energy to capture an image.


The only drawback to this two celled camera is storage for any image taken. Of course there are other inventors currently working on storage devices that are small enough to bypass any detection. It will only be a matter of time until these two ideas join together for a proper spy gear pairing. So, the question now is whether these things, once working, would fall into the category of invasion of privacy? I imagine that the price point for this camera would be pretty cheap. Other technology is being developed that can record and catalogue data that will end up costing less than a dollar a device. My point being when they finally have a properly working device that floods the market for cheaper than a cheeseburger, will the big tradeoff be every one’s pricacy?


I do think there is a need for this technology in certain cases, but in everday life I would be wary of walking out my door knowing that everything you do could be secretly recorded. Of course I am not one that lives for the constant social media flood. To see the article, pictures, and form your own opinion, please click here.

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