Ara Chackerian Is Devoted To Making A Positive Difference In The Sector Of Healthcare

Ara Chackerian is an investor, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He invests in healthcare companies in the early stages with commitments to a reinvention of the healthcare system in the United States. His experience in this sector encompasses two decades. He has created numerous companies including one of the top providers for diagnostic imaging services called BMC Diagnostics. His additional companies include TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx.


Ara Chackerian has an extremely deep commitment to giving something important back to the world. During the past ten years he has both supported and founded numerous non-profit organizations. His focus is on education and positive youth development. His efforts extend to the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua. Ara Chackerian received an excellent education at the Florida State University. He graduated with a marketing B.S.


Healthcare startups require influence and venture capital. Chackerian understands the value and innovation of the healthcare sector. Numerous investors are concerned not enough mergers and acquisitions are resulting from their investments. Patient outcomes can be improved with innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence and digital imaging. Advanced diagnostics and big data computing have reached the point of being mature technologies.


Healthcare startups in New York City raised $703 million in 2017 through venture capital funding. This includes biotech, pharmaceuticals, technology systems, supplies and devices. One of the major issues is most health tech startups initially lose money. The expectation is a decline of health technology investments in 2018. A lack of investments in digital health companies may have serious repercussions. Successful entrepreneurs such as Ara Chackerian have ensured mainstream medicine includes healthcare startups. You can visit his Vimeo account.


Scientific wellness companies are promoting a combination of biometric and genomic screening with coaching support and population analysis. Personalization and precision have moved beyond clinical studies. The interoperability of clinical data may benefit startups with the proper engagement. There may also be value in communication and seamless data integration among the players. Healthcare startups may be facing a very legitimate threat due to the behemoths such as Google, Amazon and Apple. The diversification and size of these companies enables them to flex their proverbial muscles within the environment of healthcare. Check out his Twitter page.


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