Aloha Construction Co. Shares Steps of Dealing with Smoke and Fire Damage

House fires can occur at any time, and the last thing you want is to spend a “lifetime” on renovations. Aloha Construction is a trusted company to take you home from ruined to new, and below are some insights from Aloha’s team on how to handle damage by fire and smoke.

Secure the Premise

The first step is to secure your home to fend off potential burglars and vandals. That keeps you away from incurring further problems.

Secondly, call your local fire department to seek help in ensuring all the doors, windows and apertures are locked. Additionally, if there are damages on the wall, Aloha Construction has fire remediation tools to secure your home from fire occurrences.

Ensure Safety at Home

After fire damage, it is critical to ensure it is safe before occupancy. Therefore, call a qualified expert to have the home inspected. Some damages may not be visible to the uninitiated eyes. Nonetheless, do not attempt to switch on the electricity if the home doesn’t pass the inspection.

Rid the Home of Odor

After the home is declared fit for stay, the next step is to rid it of the odor.

Aloha Company recommends that you place a fan at the entrance of your focus room with all the windows shut. The fresh air from the fan blows into the room, removing bad smell. Additionally, wash the curtains, beddings, and towels to rid them of the reek of smoke.

Carpets are culprits when it comes to harboring pungent smoky odor. They also require deep cleaning. Aloha Construction’s cleaning experts can remove stubborn stains and odor, leaving your carpet as good as new.

Clean the Smoke Damage

After a fire, professional cleaning services seem to be the best option. Aloha Constructions offers free inspection services. The company provides a quote, perform repairs and assist you in claiming your insurance.

Aloha Construction Co. Wins the BBB Torch Award

Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers it coveted Torch Awards to handpicked companies that demonstrate high ethical values and social responsibilities. The selected firms are scrupulously screened by a panel of judges. Aloha Construction from Illinois, Chicago was a proud recipient of the award in 2017 for its high industry ethics. Most notably, the company was chosen for being a regular contributor to the Illinois community.

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