A few quick digital photography tips

Shutter bugs still exist, but some of the equipment they used to have in the past has faded into obscurity. No one longer uses the dark room to develop their prints. Perhaps that is not entirely true. Developed film is still used, but the average user engages in digital photography. It makes sense for most people to make the move. Decent digital cameras come with even the cheapest models of cell phones. Even though anyone can take a picture now, it is still hard for people to take good pictures. A few quick photography tips can help anyone get a start.

The first lesson a new photographer must learn is to keep the light out of the shot as much as possible. This is not always easy. Cell phone cameras usually have a wide display field. If someone takes a shot into the sun, the sun may wind up in the photo, whether the photographer wants it to be there or not.

The second tip is called the rule of threes or the rule of nines. Some cell phone camera software includes a grid the user can use to help center the shot. The idea behind the rule is that the photographer should draw the viewer’s eye to the center of his subject. The subject’s center should appear in the middle of the photograph. Technology has made this easier than ever. Even if the camera software on the shutterbug’s phone does not have a grid feature, it probably does have a feature that shows where the camera will focus.

The final tip is do not be afraid to use magnification, but be aware that it can make the picture look grainy. Most cell phone cameras can only magnify the image up to four times. This is not a problem for most people, but larger magnification settings can make the final image look grainy. Digital cameras with a zoomable lens can reach higher magnifications.

Photography is too complex a subject to be covered fully here. These are just a few quick tips to help a person take decent snapshots. Cell phone snapshots may not sell to Time Magazine, but they can easily be shown to friends and family.

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