22 Scenes of All the Money in the World Re-shot for Free

The cast of All the Money in the World had to re-shoot 22 scenes after Kevin Spacey was replaced with Christopher Plummer due to sexual harassment accusations. The unique part was that they did all of the re-shoots for free. The case was reportedly more than happy to do the re-shoots for free, too. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg flew back to Europe for that purpose. The former gave up her Thanksgiving celebrations to do so. She later stated that when the allegations occurred that she had been very worried that the movie and everything that she and her fellow cast members had worked for, was not going to see the light of day and that it made her appreciate the massive effort that director, Ridley Scott was making all the more.

Scott wanted to “test” the cast to see if the sexual allegation motive would outweigh any financial ones for re-shooting. He turned out to be more than right and he was very impressed. However, he has stated that the re-shoots were not 100 percent free as there had to be funds to replace Spacey.

All the Money in the world is based on the true story of John Paul Getty’s grandson being kidnapped in Rome in 1973. Williams plays the mother, Gail Getty and Plummer has been replaced to star as John Paul Getty. Wahlberg plays the ex-CIA agent, Fletcher Chase who was assigned to the case and sent to Rome. All the Money in the World has already been nominated for several Golden Globe awards but whether or not it will win any of them is currently in question. The fact that it has been is a strong reinforcement of the message the predatory behavior should have legal reinforcements and not be tolerated.

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