Cutting Down The Junk: Unroll Me


Unroll Me is a company that was founded in 2011 founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The premise of the service is a simple one. The service allows users to cut down on the number of junk emails that people receive during each day. By using what is known as the “Roll-up” feature on the site, users can put all of the junk emails that they receive in one convenient place and preferably out of their inboxes. In an age where junk emails can overload an inbox, Unroll Me can help solve many problems.

According to an article in the New York Times, one of the best things to do when signing up for a company like Unroll Me is to read the privacy policy. By taking the time to do this, users can know exactly what a company will do with the data they are given. Another thing a person can do is if they do not use the Unroll Me app is to delete it on your phone or computer. This way storage space is saved and used only for things that are necessary.

One of the ways that Unroll Me works is by trying their best to comply with existing laws. In the European Union, the company had to close user accounts due to a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation prevented the company from providing services to users. Now the company solely works in the United States. Go Here for related Information.

Unroll Me allows users to be versatile with their accounts. Users can change settings to their accounts at any time and withdraw from the service altogether if they so choose. This is what makes the company cutting-edge even though it is a small company in nature.

Unroll Me has been in business for seven years and makes sure that policies are clear and understandable for users. Even though the company is owned by Slice Technologies, the mission of the company is still the same. It wants to make the lives of email users easier by cutting down on unnecessary emails that people don’t want.


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The History Of By Jojo Hedaya And Josh Rosenwald


The background of

When Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald met in Israel, they are the only students with an international Blackberry SMU. Their Rabbi suggested that the two should be friends a union that would later create the need the app to ease communication between the two. The two 24 years old hit off once they learned that not only were they from New York bit slow shared a birthday, 30th December 1989.

Apart from all, that the two found out that their life journey had an of similarities. They both attend private Jewish high schools before they traveled to study abroad. Jojo was vice president of Boston college while Renewal had dropped out in between two colleges. Neither Hedaya nor Rosenwald graduated. Refer to This Article for more information.



Communication between the intensified to the point where Jojo was frustrated whenever Josh never got back to him. This a problem that most email users are very familiar with. Most of our email traffic is created by updates, subscriptions, and newsletters that we don’t necessarily want to get rid of. can be defined, in the simplest way, as the email organizational tool.

The app scans through your emails to eliminate junk from the important mail. It operates within seconds and compiles all your subscriptions into a single email called “The Roll Up”. After this, the user is able to scroll through the subscriptions, as they normally do, and unsubscribe in one click. This method of email organization allows the user to keep up with their daily entertainments and at the same time get important notifications from friends,, and bosses. The best part of it all is that the app allows you to set the time the roll-up arrives in your inbox.


Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder and the COO of the Unroll.Me email organizational tool which was launched in 2016. His motto in the production of the app was to make it as simple as possible for the user to navigate. This simplicity has made the app gain a big number of users over its competitors. Though he wouldn’t wish anyone to drop out of school, Hedaya values skills over education since it’s the most relevant requirement in the real world.

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Talkspace helps People to Deal with the Current Mental Health Crisis

The modern mental health crisis started around 2005. It slowly crept into American society and was discovered to be a big problem about 2010. Around 2011 the mental health crisis was in full swing and millions of people within this nation were diagnosed with a serious mental health condition. Mental health issues continue to be a defining characteristic of contemporary society. At least 1 in 5 American adults have been diagnosed with this disorder. The services that Talkspace provide is now needed more than ever.

Talkspace is an app-based therapy company. The purpose of Talkspace is to get people suffering from a mental health issue, the help they need to survive. Clients that sign up for program are paired with a professional psychologist can then provide services for them through their mobile or computing device. One of the best features of this application is its anonymity. Clients can text message their therapists or chat with them through a private and secure connection. This organization has been around since 2012.

People can also contact their therapist when they need them the most. They can leave messages and their therapist will get back with them when they can. In some instances, therapists will respond right away. The point is that people can use this app on a 24/7 basis and not have to wait to go to a therapy session to speak with someone.

Talkspace was not designed to take the place therapy visits. Instead, the app just provides more resources for people in need of mental health services. American people are suffering from mental health issues and its wreaking havoc in the personal lives of millions. Also, people in society are indirectly suffering from the effects of people with mental health problems.

It was surprising to know that a world class athlete by the name of Michael Phelps has a mental health issue. He suffers from severe depression and this seems out of place for a successful individual such as him. Talkspace has partnered with Phelps to show the world that anybody can be impacted by a mental health problem. In the end, people need help to manage their mental health troubles and to improve the quality of their lives.

Why Michael Burwell Is The Investor To Beat In The U.S And Beyond


Michael Burwell recently grabbed the headlines after clinching the highly coveted Chief Financial Officer’s position at Willis Towers Watson. Widely considered to be a prominent financial investment and advisory service provider, Willis Towers Watson looks set to keep up with its highest standards in financial investment strategies and delivering exceptional results. His appointment comes in the wake of outgoing Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay stepping down from the position based on voluntary retirement.

Michael Burwell brings on board over three decades’ worth of experience having served in a multitude of leadership positions such as Head of Transaction Services in the U.S, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Global Transformation. Not only that, he is adept at financial auditing with over 12 years’ worth of experience as a testament to his exceptional expertise specializing in pre-merger valuation.

While addressing a congregation of journalists, Willis Towers Watson’s CEO, John Haley, hailed Michael Burwell’s appointment terming as a crucial milestone in the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding results to its diverse clientele. The ambitious Chief Financial Officer possesses insightful leadership and management skills tailored to dissecting crucial dynamics in the company’s rapid evolution. As a forward-thinking executive, he understands the influential role played by emerging markets when meeting clients’ goals and objectives which serve the company’s remarkable growth progress to meet its highly acclaimed vision.

The CEO also went an extra to hail the vital role played by the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay, for building the company into a formidable enterprise. Suffice to say, Michael Burwell looks forward to picking up from his predecessors and promoting an inclusive culture tailored toward building an exceptional legacy. The innovative and ambitious Chief Financial Officer is an alumnus of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration apart from being a certified public accountant.


A Sneak-Peek into Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell recently held a blunt interview with Inspirery to help deduce the man behind the unprecedented business success. With an illustrious career spanning across three decades in a plethora of leading companies, there has never been a better time to understand how the CFO weaves his financial expertise with precision.


How Ideas Are Conceived

Unknown to most people, Michael Burwell credits brainstorming as an essential aspect to developing crucial ideas geared toward making life easier than before. Through this perspective, he gets to understand how different ideas coalesce to form life-changing opportunities.


How Productivity Is Achieved

Michael Burwell credits delegation as an essential component to staying productive for long. This entails prioritizing on his workload and harnessing technology to get more work completed much faster.


His Best Piece of Advice

Michael Burwell frequently advises upcoming entrepreneurs to harness the unlimited potential offered by networking and cultivating synergetic relationships to propel businesses to greater heights.

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Gareth Henry, the new managing director at Angelo and Gordon Company

Gareth Henry is a former chief staff of Fortress Investment Group. He now joins Angelo, Gordons & Co. as a chief member of staff. The Angelo Gordons Group is based in New York City. In the company, the business star will be working as the Managing Director.

He is also the Head of Investor Relations. At the Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry was holding the same position, he was the Global Head of Investor Relations to the company’s Liquid Market business. The Angelo, Gordon & Company’s president, Lawrence noted that Gareth will be answerable to him. Lawrence also announced that Henry will be a partner of the organization.

At Fortress investment Company, Gareth was the bridge between the firm and the relations between different organizations across different regions. Presently, Henry Angelo is the Gordons &Co. managing director. He will be leading a team of professionals at Angelo and Gordon’s company. The team will be targeting a number of clients in Europe, the US, Canada, and the Middle East. To know more about him click here.

Gareth will have other duties at the firm. He will also be a general overseer of the company’s sales, marketing, and clients services. Henry is known to be a hardworking professional. He is able to handle much work without complaint.

Mr. Gareth was received warmly at his new company. He gave a very brief and precise speech. He made it clear that he was not going to let his new colleagues and bosses down. He emphasized to foster a teamwork spirit. The firm’s president also assured the rest of the employees about the significance of Gareth Henry in the firm.

Gareth Henry graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. He furthered his studies at the University of Heriot-Watt. He later relocated to the United States of America. After relocating, he joined the Fortress Investment Group.

The two institutes of higher learning showed Henry how to be committed to whatever work he does. Back in 2000, after completing his University studies, he landed a job at Watson Wyatt. While at Watson Wyatt, Gareth was in charge of management research department.

Due Diligence Tips For Private Equity Investors

For those who want to invest in or buy a privately held company, there are several important due diligence steps to take first. After assessing individual financial health and the ability to support the investment, these are some of the next steps to take.

Study The Company’s Business Model

One of the most important parts of an investigation is determining how the business makes money. Look at the company’s history of financial records. If something seems wrong, investigate it. For example, if a company’s projections do not seem realistic in comparison with historical financial records, ask questions. In a video from the University of Waterloo, an investor who had this experience said that the company simply expected to sell more during the following year. However, it offered no proof to support its projections. Stay away from such businesses.

Determine The Company’s Market And Top Competitors

Do some research to verify the size of the company’s market. Study the economic, demographic and regulatory issues that the industry faces, and look for trends that could indicate problems. If the company’s market is small and stagnant or large and diminishing, it is a risky investment. Also, look at the company’s top competitors. What sets it apart from the competitors? The company should have a unique value proposition that competitors do not offer.

Look at the pricing, market share, cost structure and growth rate of each top competitor. It also helps to look at consumer trends. Figure out why consumers pick certain competitors. Next, determine if those reasons will create a growing threat to the potential investment. If there are only a few competitors, think about how the emergence of more competitors may affect the company within the next several years. If possible, think about technologies or trends that may disrupt the industry and may affect the potential investment.

Investigate The Company’s Sales And Marketing

For a Private Equity Due Diligence operations, first determine how much money is spent each year on marketing, a tactic employed by Divide that result by the number of the company’s new customers to see the cost of customer acquisition. Use other necessary calculations to determine the company’s expenditures and revenue, and compare the numbers to those of competitors. If they do not measure up, investigate further to find the problem.

While it is also important to look at customer satisfaction, it is even more important to look at customer retention. Find out how many customers come back to the business and why. Check with the Better Business Bureau and with other organizations to see if there are negative reports about the company. If there are consistent reports about the same issues across multiple channels, do some investigating within the company. Most complaints are tied to operational problems or poor business practices.

Look At Internal Risks

Two important areas to look at are insurance and human resources. Review the company’s hiring guidelines and employee structure. Are there opportunities for employee advancement? What is the turnover rate? Is turnover higher in certain departments? Figure out the problems behind any concerns in these areas to determine if they can be fixed. This is important even if the company only has a few employees. Hiring workers can be expensive, and the lost productivity that is associated with turnover is costly.

Look at the company’s insurance policies. Is it covered against all risks? Some companies have inadequate coverage to mitigate all risks, and an investor may have to spend more to remedy the problem. Find out if insurance to cover all liabilities is worth the investment in relation to other expenses and the company’s overall financial health.