Michael Burwell Uses His Years Of Financial Experience To Help Wills Tower Watson


Wills Tower Watson has announced that Michael Burwell will be the new Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell comes with over 30 years of financial experience. Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in business administration. He spent 11 years working on business advisory practices for PriceWaterhouse Cooper LLP. From there he was promoted to partner in transaction business in their office in Detroit. He did such a good job in Detroit he was promoted over the central Us transaction division. He was later promoted once again to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer, in 2012 he became the vice chairman of Global and US transactions. In 2017, he moved his career to Wills Tower Watson.


Wills Tower Watson is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company. The company offers solutions to organizations and individuals to minimize risk, optimize benefits, and expand the power of capital. Michael Burwell is excited to join the company. He has been working on projects like AMX for the company. AMX allows them to advise clients on over 120 in assets. It debuted in Europe and is now available in select places in the United States.


Michael Burwell contributes his success in the financial world to several things. One is being a good listener and building up a network. Solid communication with your team, potential clients, and investors is important for any job. It is not enough to try to say what they want to hear, you have to actually listen to their problems, and address their issues. Another is keeping a positive attitude, even when others are criticizing you.


Michael Burwell also states that is important to utilize all the tools available to make yourself as productive as possible. Technology has played a big role in the productiveness of people and making lives easier.


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Paul Mampilly: Investing opportunities in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technology that will bring significant changes in the use of technology as we know it today. It is going to be one of the biggest changes that have ever taken place in the world. This technology is proving to be one of the greatest ever in that it is affecting almost every industry. From our homes to the industries, this technology is taking over some of the roles that used to be handled by human beings. Its growth in the coming years will lead to the creation of new products, and most of the companies which will be dealing with the production of such products will record huge growth.

According to Paul Mampilly, a respected investor in the United States, the Internet of Things will create opportunities for investors to make money from technology stocks. He is projecting a boom in the industry as it happened in the 1990s when the personal computing devices were first introduced. Investors who will be ready to take up the opportunities that will arise are most likely to benefit from huge profit gains.

Paul Mampilly is projecting growth in companies that deal with algorithms, data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars and many others such industries. The internet of things is about creating devices which can connect to the internet. Such devices can communicate with each other and do tasks without the intervention of human users.

Mampilly has been a stock investor for two decades, and his favorite industry is technology. He considers it the easiest to get some good opportunities because technological trends keep on coming up frequently. They are also easy to predict since most of us rely on technology for various tasks.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly started working as an investor in the Wall Street in 1991. Paul Mampilly’s first position was that of an assistant portfolio manager. He kept showing good results and earned job opportunities with bigger financial institutions. At the peak of his career in the Wall Street, he was working as a hedge fund manager.

Paul Mampilly is now retired from the Wall Street and concentrates on teaching the average investor how to invest wisely.

Talkspace: Innovative Care Backed by Michael Phelps

Talkspace is an innovative way for people to get the mental health counseling and services they need. It is a platform designed to work with patients and care providers alike. With a few clicks, users can get in touch with a qualified and highly experienced mental health professional. The smooth dynamics of this system help craft a new and one of a kind user experience that is incredibly flexible. Chatting and video conferencing are just some of the options that patients have within the Talkspace platform.

Talkspace is an innovator because it improves access to care. People who have busy work schedules or other obligations can easily choose services that meet their needs. Talkspace makes getting help fast and confidential. Michael Phelps has been an important partner, after having benefited from Talkspace. He opened up in an interview about his personal struggles with mental health issues. Many of these conditions were treatable and he found help with the professionals at Talkspace.

Anxiety and depression were just some of the things Michael Phelps experienced while touring. He explained how the competition made him feel overwhelmed and he found himself unable to cope. Talkspace was there for him when he needed it the most. Phelps explained his own amazing results with the platform and encourages other athletes to use it too. He was particularly impressed by the ease of use and convenience that Talkspace was able to provide. No longer did he have to worry about missing appointments at a doctors office.

There are a lot of benefits to Talkspace including growing recognition from the marketplace. Many organizations have established partnerships with Talkspace in order to make mental health services more readily available. Employees of several corporations can now get access to mental health care without having to schedule an appointment at a traditional office. The ease of use and highly skilled personnel available in the app set Talkspace apart from other methods of care and treatment. Overall Talkspace is a great tool and can help improve the lives of countless people in the United States and abroad.

Who will stand up for Dreamers?

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was a program that was initiated by President Obama. The president had been consistently frustrated by the lack of interest or ambition by Congress to come up with a comprehensive policy on how to treat persons who came into the country as children. They had been in the country for as long as they could remember and had no criminal background.

DACA was not supported by an act, but was more of an executive order that would see DACA recipients enjoy the same rights as citizens by being granted special immigration status for a period of two years, but it was renewable every so often. This was unfortunately not popular with the extremist GOP members who considered DACA recipients as illegal immigrants despite them achieving a 95 percent rate of employment and college education. Some of them were even serving in the United States Military. For the GOP this was not a priority, and it came as no surprise when the Texas Attorney general went to court seeking to quash the entire DACA process. President Trump, however, took it upon himself not to renew the initiative, which meant that all those who were under the program faced an uncertain future in the only country they knew as home.

DACA has come to be one of the most significant areas under the Trump presidency as he also realized at how bad it had been legislated on. Dreamers, as the recipients are commonly referred to, are contributing significantly to the American economy, and the thought of deporting more than 800,000 people to countries they may not even have relatives’ friends or any relation too did not sit well with many Americans. However, the Republican party had used immigration as one of its strong points during the campaign period and was hell bent on implementing any and all legislation that seemed to favor this promise regardless of the human implications they had.

The Frontera fund has become one of the strongest advocates for DACA. The fund that was established by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has very strong connections to the Hispanic community which has a significant number among the DACA recipients. The dream most of these young people have is only comparable to that held by their American compatriots. They are believers in the American dream, and most are law-abiding citizens. The Frontera fund continues its commitment towards these dreamers as they understand what it entails to be treated unfairly. The founders of the fund were themselves victims of abuse of power, and in fact, the money used to start the fund was a settlement awarded to them for the violation of their first amendment rights.

The Frontera fund continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the issue of dreamers which can be easily achieved through Congress. They, however, are ready to do whatever it takes legally to ensure that before the required legislation is passed the dreamers stay in America. Even though the program is no longer admitting new members those already in the system can apply for renewal.


Barbara Stokes is Donating to Her Community

Habitat For Humanity has been working across the world for many years with the goal of providing affordable housing to those who need homes. The Madison County, Alabama branch of the group recently received a substantial donation from Barbara Stokes who is the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered of Hunstville, Alabama.

Green Structure Homes and Barbara Stokes have donated $50,000 of building materials to Madison County Habitat For Humanity. These building materials include drywall and hardie fascia which is an expensive building material. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Habitat For Humanity of Madison County wants to build eight houses in the area by the end of 2018. This new donation by Green Structure Homes and Barbara Stokes will go a long way to seeing that goal realized.

This isn’t the first time that Barbara Stokes and her company have made a substantial donation to Habitat For Humanity. Last year, Habitat For Humanity was the recipient of a $75,000 donation of building materials.

Any left over building material from the Barbara Stokes donation will not go to waste. Habitat For Humanity has stated that they will use any left over material to help build homes for the next year. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. This company builds temporary homes for those who have been the victims of natural disasters. The companies homes were used by the federal government to aid people who were displaced by the hurricanes that devastated the United States last year.

In addition to disaster relief help, Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes provides housing units to the US Army and Navy. They also provide temporary housing solutions to groups such as the University of Mississippi and a number of private businesses.

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See Where Incalculable Business Experience Has Taken Michael Burwell


There is a time when a large company gets some leadership positions to fill. The impact an unfilled position would have on the company’s growth is negative. Willis Towers Watson is among the recent largest companies that have been filling in some of their leadership positions. Such companies don’t just bring in someone before they consider their qualifications among other requirements. Experience is among the top considerations Willis Towers gave much attention to when hiring Michael Burwell to join the team. Immense experience made Burwell offer unique contributions at Willis Towers as the new CEO.


Without experience, it’s hard for you to stand out as an executive leader. Most of the best-performing CEOs today are those with immense experience in what they do. Burwell has spent 30 years in the accounting and finance industry. He was in Michigan State University for his Business Administration studies and graduated in 1986. He then joined the Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he started to display his unique entrepreneurial skills. Burwell worked hard at the audit department and brought some changes the company hadn’t experienced before.


It is one thing to know about the business, and it is another thing to know how business is done. Having worked in various large companies, Michael Burwell has known how new business strategies are translated into something beneficial. He just needs to look at the financial statements of a company to know what needs to be done to translate those strategies into earnings. Most large companies bump up their bottom lines through innovative and new ways of doing things.


Burwell later joined the business transaction services after his audit stint. He understood many companies had a business cycle they had to complete. Without the skills on how they could go through large transactions and transitions, the companies would struggle with sales, acquisitions, and mergers. For this reason, Michael Burwell worked with valuations and due-diligence of companies to help them integrate after completing their mergers. No business leader would have overlooked his exceptional business leadership qualities. As a company leader, Michael Burwell believes in engaging the team in a spirited debate. He always allows the employees to make the bigger decisions on the company’s operations and management.


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The Talkspace Method for Therapy

Getting access to therapy is not something that everyone has the ability to do. Sometimes it takes small steps to get to bigger problems that you may be going through. People that may not be fully ready for see a therapist in person may want to get some simple answers through a concept like Talkspace. This is online therapy platform, and it has become quite popular in recent months. There is a partnership with Michael Phelps that helped play a big part in this recent popularity. People that connect with Talkspace are finding that this is the application that changes the way that people acquire help.

There was a time, where there was a lack of choices when it came to therapy. The only thing that you could do if you really wanted to see a therapist was go to an office and schedule an appointment. Today that is not the case at all. There are options for getting help through your tablet or your phone.

You do not have to go directly to an office, and you do not even need insurance to make sure that you are getting this help. You simply need a phone or a tablet. The cost of this is also much cheaper than any therapy that you can get if you were going to see a therapist in person. People are noticing that this is a much more efficient way to start working on problems that you may have.

Family relationships can become stronger. Friendships can be mended. Abuse that you may have suffered in the past can be discussed and talked about. You can find ways to get beyond the things that are troubling you if you take the time to connect with certified therapists from Talkspace.

This app is all about helping people get the help that they need. It does not matter where they are. You get access to certified therapists that can help them get in touch with your feelings. People can gain a better sense of how they can function in the world without losing hope when they get therapy.

Organo Gold Has Some Of The Best Coffee Out – You’ve Gotta Try It

Although we’ve all heard the phrase, “small world,” planet Earth is jam-packed with foods, drinks, people, and experiences that very few of us have enjoyed before. Everyone likes to travel, but with work, school, kids, and other responsibilities seemingly getting in the way of everything – tasting Mother Nature’s full palette of organic treasures on your own is just about impossible. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.

Organo Gold was created in 2008 by a lifelong traveler that sought to bring the aforementioned treasures of the world to everyone who was willing to try them. In the past 10-plus years, Organo Gold has served millions upon millions of customers who all enjoy the flavors, scents, and unforgettable experiences their products have brought them.

ORGANO is its name today – but it’s still the same great company it’s always been

The international corporate consumer of flavors, scents, and experiences better known as ORGANO primarily sells coffee to its many customers, though its supplements – they’re quite effective when used appropriately with diet and exercise for maintaining personal wellness – are today almost as popular as ORGANO’s line of coffees.

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Many coffee fans believe that Greenwich Village was the birth of the current American culture surrounding coffee, though the Pacific Northwest’s largest cities changed the industry significantly.

Organo Gold offers the kinds of coffee blends that were available to frequenters of the Greenwich Village in the 1960s and to California, Washington, and Oregon some two decades after the birth of Greenwich Village’s coffee culture.

Here’s one thing coffee has done for everyone

One great thing about drinking coffee here in the United States is that the activity’s surrounding culture encourages people to express themselves on an individual basis and not get caught up in what other people think of them. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Neurocore Innovates The Way We Heal

There are many types of illness that stop us from fulfilling our full potential. Many of them are related to mental disorders. Such disorders include sleep disorders, ADHD, anxiety, stress, migraines, ASD, depression, and memory difficulties. The people at Neurocore believe that a stronger brain can make anything possible. They have known for decades that the brain is not hardwired, but changeable. This means that you can change any way of thinking and many mental illnesses can be cured. You can improve the efficiency of your brain and Neurocore can help. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore provides its services in 3 parts. First, the initial assessment. This includes a brain wave analysis using qEEG technology. The analysis is also conducted by checking the heart rate, breathing, and other clinically validated diagnostic tests. These tests paint a clear picture of what is going on inside your brain.

The next step is creating a customized program. The brain analysis is used as a map of your brain. This allows Neurocore to design a personalized program for the patient. Another technique that is used is positive reinforcement combined with repetition. Repetition is the mother of all skill and when combined with positive reinforcement, it allows a new belief to set into the brains wiring, creating new neural connections. The neurofeedback sessions train your brain to function better and more efficiently. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The third and final step in their healing process is a final assessment. The number one priority of Neurocore is to see the clients improve. Once the program is completed, a final assessment is conducted. This allows them to have the data of the first initial assessment and the data from the final assessment so that they can compare them and notice the difference.

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