The Ever Changing Force Of Fortress Investment Group

SInvesting and Finance are two sectors of the banking industry that is often spotlighted in the news. One company, that plays a huge roll in both areas, is particularly fond of the spotlight. This company is Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group has been in the spotlight numerous times in the past year. This has been largely due to their acquirement by SoftBank. SoftBank is a corporation that is ran by one of the most prominent Japanese billionaires, Masayoshi Son. The acquisition took place in February of 2017. The company was purchased for a total amount that exceed three billion dollars. Fortress and SoftBank, although technically the same company, operate independently from one another. This was a requirement that was instilled before the acquisition could take place.

The latest trip in the spotlight is due to the recent launching of a new fund. This fund is being raised so that the corporation can participate in a lawsuit again other companies on the grounds of patent infringement. The funds being raised for this lawsuit is expected to reach four hundred million dollars. The fund will also allow the corporation to purchase other companies and also to provide funds for lending purposes.Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest companies in the world that provide asset management. The skilled professionals that work for this corporation manage over forty billion dollars and assist almost two thousand clients. The firm has several offices in various locations across the globe, including in Amsterdam and London. There are also several offices located throughout the United States.

Headquarters for Fortress Investment Group is located in New York City.The company has been a leader in hedge fund management since it formed in the late 1990s. The employee turn over rate is fairly low and promotions from within the corporation are encouraged. In fact, two individuals were recently promoted after the aquisition by SoftBank. Josh Pack and Drew McKnight are now managing partners in the credit division of the company. They work directly for Peter L. Briger Jr. the head of the credit division and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.There is little doubt the great things are in store for the investment group and their clients. The corporation is one of the largest in the industry. It has a great reputation and is highly sought by businesses and individuals alike.

Photos Are Always Meaningful, And They Are Timeless

People are snapping photos of everything and everybody. Cell phones have made it possible to catch the most intimate, embarrassing, hilarious, and serious pictures without having the subject strike a pose. Crimes are being photographed in the process as well. The latest trend is taking selfies. You can take a picture of yourself, or a group of people, and have it posted on social media for all to see. Photographs have also gotten some people arrested for past crimes, or warrants. Posting pictures on social media is the fad of today, but the wrong person sometimes forget that law enforcement is on social media too.

Many people take pictures of things that may interest themselves, and other, so they share them. If you have social media pages, you will find that you are receiving many pictures on your page of people that you do not know. Celebrations, and special moments are great times to take a photo and share it. With the modern, innovative, and advanced technology of today, photos can be stored technologically, and preserved forever. Sharing photos of special occasions will bring smiles to many lonely people. To some people who may be home bound, social media is their only outlet for communicating with others. Holiday photos, like the Memorial Day pictures, are great to share with others. Your text to link…

Photography has always been an enjoyable activity, and with people taking selfies of themselves prove that a person uses their own self as their best model. Photography trends haven’t really changed over the years, they have just been enhanced with the opportunities afforded by cell phones. Everyone has become a star. They post their selfies on you tube also, and hope that they go viral. Having photos of special people os priceless. Photos are lasting, and the digital resource will keep them from fading over a long period of time. Everyone has gotten on the selfie, and picture taking band wagon.

The Growing Photo Trends

Photo trends are changing all the time, and Instagram is the place where people are witnessing a large amount of the change. People that love to take pics will have the ability to get a lot of ideas from Instagram because this is where the creativity tends to shine.


When it comes to professional and amateur photography this is the social media environment where all of this comes together. There are a ton of celebrities that like to take selfies of themselves, but there are also fashion designers that have professional photography of men and women in their clothes. There are magazines that have pictures posted of celebrities that are going viral to tons of followers around the world. There are also amateurs that are getting into the photography act when it comes to photo trends on Instagram.


The reality for most of these people is simple. They want to create photos that can be shared among friends, but they also want more people to follow them. This is why there is such a big shift in the way that people are using photos to unveil their lives. The fact that the smartphone cameras has become so refined in the megapixels and quality makes it possible to take professional looking photos without having a $1,200 camera.


Of all the photo trends smartphone photos for professional events may be one of the increasing trends that has started to surface. The zoom feature has expanded in an amazing way, and people are doing things with the camera that one would have never thought a phone camera would be used for. Some people that have smaller wedding venues are saving money on a photographer and letting a friend take all photos with a smartphone.


There are other instances where people may use their smartphones to take their own graduation pics. There are so many things that can be done with smart devices now, and high quality cameras are changing photography trends.

Risky Photo Trends Equates to More Social Media Followers

Photo trends have evolved greatly thanks to social media. People that really want to get a true kick out of interesting pictures online should simply sign up for an Instagram account. This is where some of the most exciting photos of celebrities and amateurs are unveiled.


Sometimes the photos that are posted online through Instagram can get a little raunchy. The interesting thing about this is that these over the top photos are typically the ones that make people interested in the account in the first place.


There was a recent Instagram account that was temporarily suspended because there was a photo below the belt area for a woman that was uncovered. The posting of this pic was supposed to be artistic in that there was a colorful rainbow spectrum and it only showed this area. The face of the woman was unveiled in this imagery that was blurred by shades of blue, green, red and yellow.


The Instagram account was suspended, and several websites acknowledged this account and covered this story. The account is active again and the picture is there for people to see, but the fact that it was initially suspended is what made people like to this photo in the first place.


These are the type of photo trans that tend to dominate the Internet. Anything that seems too risque can easily become the thing that makes people conduct a Google search for it.


Rihanna is certainly someone that has educated many of her fans on how you can get an account suspended on Instagram. The main reason that she has so many followers has to do with the nude pics that she has posted and all of the publicity that ensues after these types of pics have been reported.


In the world of photo trends in social media today it simply shows that men and women that are obsessed with building their own audience will do whatever it takes to gain followers.

Photos of Food

In the year of 2018 there will be a ton of food pictures that are posted online. This trend has already been budding for years, but the improvement of smartphone cameras is going to make it even easier for people to take pictures of their food. No one can really pinpoint when this became such a big thing, but taking pictures of food and posting this online seems to be enjoyable for everyone.


There are some people that have Facebook pages that have nothing more than this is showing that people are somewhat obsessed with the concept of food that looks good in photos. People that are looking for recipes are a lot less inclined to get the recipe if it does not have a picture to go along with it. This is how popular the concept of food photography has become.


The good thing about this is that these food lovers are going to be able to get exactly what they would like when it comes to promotion for their food if they have restaurants. This has become the guiding force for all of those that have restaurants and reviews that are being posted online. People on Yelp, but they are going to pay much more attention to what their eyes can see. If they look at pictures of food and it seems delectable they’re going to be much more inclined to take interest in these restaurants.


There is definitely a lot to be said for the pool photography trends that are surfacing. Celebrities that want to show you what they’re eating in the upscale restaurants that you may not be able to afford are putting you in the front seat of their lives. If you follow them on Instagram or any of the other social media sites you can easily see who is considered to be a foodie when it comes to finding a good meal. This is the new trend for social media.

The Growth of Photo Storage and Smart Phone Photography

Photography is changing as technology advances. While big cameras that have a tremendous amount of megapixels are still used by professionals it is obvious that phone technology is starting to catch up. With the iPhone 10 there has been so much talk about the quality of the photos that can be taken with these phone cameras. This is a game changer that is making the smartphone camera much more than a camera for selfies.


The appeal of these types of cameras is great because there is a shift in the way that people are taking pictures these days. Most people are not as interested in pictures from professionals because people are not putting pictures in scrapbooks anymore. The traditional photo album is a thing of the past and most circles.


The phone is what everyone is using to store their photos. This means that there is going to be a lot less formal photos and a whole lot more of the photos that are taken with cameras that are on phones.


This is not a recent trend, but it has become a much bigger trend because the technology for the phones is better. Even the act of storing your photos is easier because of apps like Google Drive and Google Photos. You can store a countless number of photos through Google Photos and access these things at any time. There is even a face recognition feature that allows you to group your photos based on who is in the picture.


It appears that technology is the driving force behind photography. It is difficult to engage in any type of pictures that don’t have selfies when you look at photos online. People that have Instagram accounts are not as interested in having someone else hold their phone or camera while they take a picture. Things like the selfie stick and front facing cameras have made it possible for people to take their own photos with smartphones.

Insta360 New FlowState Stabilization and New Modes for Better User Experience

Action-oriented cameras, especially on smartphones, come with a physical lens and electronic image stabilization to enhance video stability. Stable videos present viewers with a significantly improved experience whether it is a short video on Facebook or Instagram. This trend has been picked up by Rylos 360 cameras which have made it one of the selling features. Insta360 has always had some of the best camera software for stabilization in the industry.


Among the favorite 360-degree cameras, Insta360 One, which is a standalone 4K 360 camera that comes with an inbuilt Android or iPhone hardware connector, has now adopted FlowState on-board stabilization. With FlowState, the Insta360 One has improved on the automatic stabilization level it had when it was launched. Moreover, it comes with additional formatting and editing tools befitting the 299 dollars price tag.


FlowState stabilization helps users to play with their videos such as creating smooth pans across a video for use in normal vertical and wide-angle formats as most people do not view much of 360 footage. This makes Insta360 devices function like action sports cameras. The Rylo app has updated some of the modes and has added the Pivot Points editing mode. This new mode enables users to choose an exciting section of their videos and the pan between where the app builds a 2D 1080p footage. More information about the Insta360 can be accessed on


One feature that works quite well is the updated SmartTrack feature that allows users to follow objects and people throughout the footage. Also, the ViewFinder helps you use the phone as a viewfinder by panning and zooming on the video. To generate dynamic camera angle adjustments, one can now add adjustment points in the phone application and also set person or object active tracking. The new stabilization has enabled Insta360 to create smoother video-developed hyper lapses that work better than countless still frames.


These efforts point to Insta360 efforts of not just fixing bugs but also in improving their products making the camera even better. For people who already have Insta360 One, they can get the new features by updating their apps.

Upcoming Photography Trends in 2018

The photography industry still has remarkable progress as each year there are new forthcoming trends. The future of photography is promising as the development is incredible. According to the BBC analysis, digital photography is booming with an estimation of 3.8% with its value growing to $100billion in the year 2018. The use of technologies has made the commercial photography to thrive massively.




Comeback of Film Camera




The film camera is back on the market again. Its analogue model focuses on cams and instant photos. The proprietor of Japan Camera Hunter, site photographer Bellamy Hunt, is evolving a new 35mm camera that might be launched later in the year 2018. The Super 8mm movie company from the Kodak brand, will finally be in the market. The comeback for film cameras is showing remarkable progress, as another firm named Reflex, during the Kickstarter campaign, it will be preparing to introduce a 35mm SLR. The film industry is now on the move for an impressive comeback in 2018.




Use of Bluetooth for Social Post




Transferring images from a DSLR to the social media has been somehow cumbersome. Instagram, for instance, has the most incredible platform for photography, the innovations will enable the automatic installation of photos from the camera to the phone without having to use any app or pulling out the phone. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is the new wireless innovation that automatically pairs the camera to the phone to enhance transfer of images. Nikon took the first lead as they embraced the BLE technology, using the term SnapBridge. Other firms are now following the trend in 2018 like the Fujifilm.




Blockchain Photography




Image theft has been rapid as photographers complain each year of image theft. While it seems laborious to end image theft, a technology known as the blockchain has been innovated to help eradicate image theft.




Blockchain which is established of bitcoin currencies, which is difficult to fake, is a digital record which cannot be tampered. Binded and ImageRights are beginning to use Blockchain to prosecute stealing of images. In the year 2018 many organisations are likely to start using the technology. Blockchain will enable copyright registration of images.

Igor Cornelsen offers Wise and In-Depth Investment Advice to Clients

Igor Cornelsen offers Wise and In-Depth Investment Advice to Clients

The roles of an investment advisor are to manage money and ensure that it is allocated to the right business. Moreover, they work hard to select investments, bonds, mutual funds as well as purchase these investments. In other words, an investment advisor will always guide an investor in every aspect of making money or spending the money where in this case, money is termed as the primary source of capital. Igor Cornelsen is one principal investment advisor who has shaped his career around the need to help people make the right decisions in their investment plans.

A Look at Igor’s Early Life

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil, in 1947. At a young age, Igor developed a passion for business. When it was time to join a school, he attended the Federal University of Parana. At that moment, that school was the only one offering engineering courses. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen took advantage of the opportunity to advance his education and focus more on elevating his career. Because he focused on education, he was now able to delve into a career and establish a significant purpose within his line of work.


After studying engineering for two years, he decided to study economics. Surprisingly, he chose to study in the same university. In 1970, he graduated with high-class honors. Therefore, he was ripe to venture into a career in investment banking. Of course, that seemed rather strange because he majored in engineering. However, investment banking was a course left aside for most engineers at that moment. This was somewhat linked to the fact that engineers had the unique ability to participate in technical mathematical problems alongside the calculation of compounded interest rates. Moreover, these skills were highly advantageous to most industries as there were no calculators at that moment.


After practicing for about two years, Igor’s life took a turn for the better as he was now able to focus on other professions like leadership within investment banking. As such, he found himself in Rio, where there was a unique employment opportunity to take advantage of. Because he was good at offering investment advice, he landed a job opportunity at Multibanco in 1974. Well, until now, he has been issuing investment advice through different companies that deal in the same line of business.

The Transitions

When Bank of America acquired Multibanco, Igor decided to explore other opportunities with the first one being Unibanco, a leading investment banking institution. Later on, he moved to Libra Bank of PLC.

The General Observation

From the look at his career, it is clear that is well versed with financial services and investment. Therefore, he uses these disciplines to help clients with better decision making in business.

Photography Is Growing, Thanks To Technology

It is quite evident that technology is changing the way in which several activities are carried out today. The photography industry has not been left behind. In fact, as people’s desire to capture awesome moments and also to market their businesses increases, the level of innovation in photography is escalating as well.




One of the most significant photo trends as is indicated in Forbes, is computational photography. This strategy involves the use of digital techniques to process images. It helps to improve the camera’s quality such that it can capture images in the panoramas mode or 3D images. To promote computational photography, smartphones in future will incorporate a third rear camera.




Even though stereo photography has been in existence, it is very likely that it will trend in the near future. With the aim of making smartphones capable of capturing 3D images, stereo cameras will be installed in them. Artificial intelligence technologies will come in handy to make photography efficient. Consider a smartphone that has AI inbuilt apps to detect unwanted figures while capturing an image. This is definitely the future we are looking forward to. The use of drones has also become common in the photography sector




As the technology continues to develop, the cost of photography equipment, particularly cameras is bound to increase. Moreover, cameras such as Digital single-lens reflex camera are gaining their own niche meaning that innovative features will continue being added making them very expensive. For such reasons, surviving in this industry especially if someone does it for money will require a lot of creativity. Part of the creativity can be obtained by keeping in touch with the current trends. Innovating complicated photography practices will also be useful in capturing high-quality images. The changes in photography due to technology will continue becoming mind-blowing and impressive. It goes without saying that nowadays, people are receptive to inventions that increase efficiency and convenience in their lives.