OSI Group:Food Solutions with Corporate Responsibility

OSI Group, founded as early as 1909 is a global leader in food solutions with a focus on safety and environmental responsibility. The outfit began as Otto & Sons early on. It played a major role in the generation of the fast-food boom in the 1950’s. Otto & Sons’ initially was recognized as a major supplier for the McDonald’s Corporation fast food chain. Because of the small meat market’s integrity and quality of meat, the fast-food chain used them exclusively as the source for their hamburger patties.

As the McDonald’s franchise grew, in turn, Otto & Sons expanded. Otto & Sons later changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975, then later evolved into the OSI Group in 2004. The group has revolutionized the meat processing industry by adopting cutting-edge technology such as cryogenic food processing.

The technology was aimed to capture product freshness while maintaining preservation. The OSI Group production plants were carefully constructed to produce wholesome, well packaged, custom branded goods. The corporate leader has more than 65 facilities across the world with footprints in North America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific.

The group is a major meat supplier for fast-food chains including Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. OSI prides itself on being an eco-responsible corporation. The group has garnered the Globe of Honour Award in 2013, 2015, and recently in 2016 which took place in London. This recognition reflects OSI’s excellence in environmental responsibility and management.

It further exemplifies the company’s groundwork for health and safety standards and speaks to their facilities operational soundness and sustainability. OSI Group’s vegetable processing plant in Riverside California was highlighted in their efforts of going green by eliminating facility and operational pollution. The group was awarded for bringing forth multiple ecological initiatives that increased notable facility improvement. OSI Group cares out the community and will continue to make enterprising strides for a better environment.

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Who is Michael J. Burwell?

Michael J. Burwell is the new incoming C.F.O. of the company Willis Towers Watson, who replaces Roger Millay at the position. Millay retires on October 2nd, 2017. In examining the fit concerning Michael Burwell in relation to the Willis Towers Watson company it seems as though the company is excited and rather happy to have him as a part of the team. Burwell has 31 years of finance and professional service experience which he gained at PwC or Pricewaterhousecoopers, a tax audit consulting financial firm. At PwC he held positions ranging from head of global transformation and transaction services to C.E.O. and C.F.O. of the U.S. branches, giving him much experience managing at the senior leadership level.

In addition to this Burwell has 11 years of audit experience, and 12 years of transaction services advisory experience which covers pre-merger valuation. In looking at his impact on Willis Towers Watson, we can look at the words of John Haley the C.E.O. of Willis Towers Watson who commented on Burwell’s hire, saying that he personally, as well as those around him are excited to have Michael Burwell on the team, as he is a vital part in the company’s evolution. Furthermore, in addition to this, Haley commented on Michael Burwell’s knowledgeability in subjects ranging from managing and leading to driving results in a global company. His ultimate judgement was that he was confident that Burwell’s specialization in transactions, finance and transformation would aid the company well in guiding Willis Towers Watson towards its long-term growth and further development and integration efforts.

In looking at Willis Towers Watson independently from Michael J. Burwell, we can see that it is a leading global advisory, solutions, and broking company which helps clients worldwide in safely investing their money for non-risky, steady growth. Willis Towers Watson was started in 1828, and today has 40,000 employees which cover an over 140 countries in the company’s service. The company prides itself on its mission which generally seems to be to expand the power of capital to strengthen institutions and individuals through managing risks, optimizing benefits, and cultivating talent. Visit This Page for additional information.

Ultimately Burwell is coming into a culture which is very accepting of his expertise. He is a CPA and has earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Michigan State University. The company Willis Towers Watson is not a completely new page for Burwell in transitioning from his previous company PwC, but it offers more horizon for growth, as he is now the C.F.O., and due to this can make vital decisions in the growth and integration of the company on a global stage.

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How to Hit you Goals

Many people have already given up on their new year’s resolutions which is because of a couple reasons. One, they have no discipline to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Two, they have created the consistency to go out and strive for that goal daily. You see, goals and a lot like money. The more you focus on them, the faster you can get to them. However, most people are very weak when it comes to goal setting. In this article, I’m going to show you how to goal set the right way. Let’s get started!

1. Break it down
The number one reason why most people don’t reach their enormous life goals is because they fail to break it down into small, daily micro actions. For example, if someone wants to make a million dollars, they have to find out the daily actions they must commit in order to fulfill that goal. When you follow through with those actions on a consistent basis, it creates habit. Overall, this habit creates discipline that propels you to your ultimate goal.

2. Write it down
Once you have found out the daily tasks you need to fulfill each and every day to reach your goal, write them down on paper everyday. By writing them down, you give your mind something to focus on. When your mind focuses on it long enough, it will be programmed into your subconscious mind. When you’re are writing down these critical tasks, make sure that you limit them to five per day. Remember, you are goal setting, not writing a to-do list.

3. Visualize
Before bed, visualize yourself actually obtaining or fulfilling whatever goal that you’ve set for yourself. This just creates more focus in the subconscious mind, allowing it to pull you closer to your ultimate goal.

How to Invest

Sadly, many people do not know how to invest. We were taught from a young age to start investing as early as possible so that we’ll have enough money when we reach retirement. However, is this really a good idea? Is sending little bits of your money over to Wall Street really a good idea? Is having a financial adviser control your money for you a good choice in the long run? Most Americans have failed to answer these questions for themselves. In this article, I’m going to show you how to smartly invest so that you can minimize your risk and maximize your control. Let’s get started!

1. Know what your investing in
Knowing what your investing in is very important. If you have no idea, then you shouldn’t be investing in that certain asset. For example, a plumber would invest all of his hard earned money into a pizzeria. Why? Because he doesn’t fully know his investment! He’d be much better off starting a plumbing business

2. Know its history
In general, it’s not a good choice to invest in a company that has a losing track record. An easy way to tell how a company is doing is through its stock chart history. If the stock has been declining over the years, it’s probably not a smart choice to invest in it.

3. To diversify or not
Some people like the idea of diversification and others hate the idea of diversification. In my opinion, it’s all based on personal preference. Some people choose not to diversify but rather invest everything they have into their own business. By doing this, they’re able to maintain control. Others like the idea of diversification because of the safety net it provides. When you diversify, you have a smaller chance of losing money when the market tanks.

David McDonald President of OSI Group LLC

David McDonald, current president and chief operating officer of OSI group, was initially born in 1964 grew up on a farm in northeastern Iowa and eventually went to the University of Iowa State and graduated with a degree in animal science. After graduating David McDonald joined OSI group a food processing company with his original position as a project manager. His initial focus within the company was on the expansion of the business within Latin America and Asian countries. As time went on, he eventually rose to the ranks of the company to become the president and chief operating officer as well as service one of the Board of Directors for the company. With over 30 years at the company of OSI, he has had a significant role in the expansion and growth of their business.

OSI group recently purchased Dutch deli meat and food processing company Baho Foods. This resulted in a significant gain in the presence of the OSI group in European countries. The company now has over ten processing centers in the nation of China showing a significant global presence in the food processing industry.

David McDonald believes that identifying with local culture is one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can initiate. This will help the company deliver products and services that potential customers desire and help to instill trust with potential consumers.

As of now most of David McDonald’s time is spent overseeing the businesses operations in the country of China. He hopes to continue bringing the highest level of value he can to his clients as well as maintaining the company’s position as a home for innovation within the industry. All of these initiatives are in line with David McDonald’s gold to help OSI group become the premier global food provider in the world. As the world continues to change David McDonald’s believes that maintaining a continually growing and adapting company is essential and with the creation of new unique solutions to tackle potential problems on the market he hopes to help deliver the experience of excellence that customers have grown accustomed to.

As the world of food processing continues to grow OSI group maintains an emphasis on family as it is ever necessary within the industry. By focusing on things such as food quality and work quality the company has been able to provide a world-class experience for all potential clients as well as employees throughout the company.

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How to Read More

All of us know that knowledge is power. However, many of us fail to pick up a book and read it on a daily basis. Some of the most successful people read on a daily basis like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. If these successful individuals that run large corporation have time to do it, why don’t you and I. In this article, I’m going to break down how you can read more so that you can become more intelligent. Let’s get started!

1. Find out what you like
To read a lot of books, you have to find out what interests you as a reader. Is it mythology? Is it historical fiction? It is fiction? Growing up, we were often forced to read books that we didn’t like. If we were able to choose the books for silent reading, we didn’t know what to read because we didn’t know our interests. All in all, find out what interests you the most and then dive into that genre or subject.

2. Take little steps at first
A lot of individuals become overwhelmed when they see a fairly large chapter book in front of them, especially students. However, the book isn’t as big as you think. Throughout your day, read little bits of the book. Even better, sit down for about 15 minutes of reading time. This will allow you to gradually go through the book rather than trying to read a good chunk of it all at once.

3. Set a goal and make a list
Make a daily goal for how many minutes to read or how many pages to read. Start off slow and gradually work your way up as you get better at reading. Also, make a list of possible you might like to read. After you’re done reading your current book, you can choose one of those books on the list. This will ultimately keep you engaged as a reader.

Desiree Perez takes up the music industry with a storm.

For almost two decades now, Desiree Perez has worked closely with Jay -Z, she has been running the SC enterprises. During her time at the enterprise, the company has experienced tremendous success. She was soon appointed to organize artist’s plays. Desiree is known to be a strong negotiator and is qualified when it comes to reducing the numbers, and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5915253/.

Desiree Perez has been part of several tasks forces’; she took part in sealing the deal for the Rihanna Samsung deal as well as the Beyonce Formation Stadium. She runs operations at Roc Nation, and her influence has been felt; she plays a huge part in management, publishing and labeling operations, and follow her Twitter.

Desiree Perez’s work in the industry has been phenomenal, and the growth has been evident, she is bold and takes part in inspiring artists to pursue success. Been in the business for 20 years now has helped her learn the drills and sharpen her skills more, the years of experience are of no doubt a great resource to ensure she brings more success to artists, and read full article.


Desiree Perez’s work at Roc Nation;

Her legacy is being a tough representative, in January a $200 million investment with Tidal was sealed, and the business paid later after five months this was after Jay-Z released his 14th Billboard 200 No 1 album. They have also distributed almost 600, 000 album units and worked as the crown jewel of a marketing campaign.

Female executives have revealed their potential in the music industry, their work in making records, protecting their client’s rights and their power of negotiating contracts has come as a breath of fresh air, more women are taking up the task and are not afraid of the obstacles ahead.

Desiree Perez is just among the other female executives who have taken the industry with a storm; our hope now is that younger females will learn a thing or two and continue as female executives in the music industry, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

A Review Of Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers Lip Product

Lime Crime has a lot of different products available on it’s site. If you browse around you will find that they sell a product called Diamond Crushers. Here is some information about this product, and some information about the company.

Diamond Crushers is the name this company gives to it’s glittery lip topper. This lip topper is great for anyone that wants to add shine and glitter to their lips. This lip topper is named Diamond Crushers because it looks like crushed diamonds are sparkling on your lips.

There are many different colors that you can choose from on Lime Crime’s site. You can pick pinks, blues, purples, yellow, and even orange. If there is a color you want they will more than likely have it for you.

This product does not have to be worn as a stand alone product. It can be placed over top of a matte lipstick (which this company also sells). It can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body as well. You can also wear it alone if that’s what you prefer.

This company suggests other ways you can wear this lip topper. After you put it on they suggest topping it with clear gloss so that it shines even more. It will really pop with the added gloss. You can also wear it as a highlighter on your brow, collar bones, and your cheeks.

Lime Crime is a great company that spealizes in cruelty free makeup. They never test on animals. In fact they are certified through PETA meaning that none of their products are tested or used on animals.

This company sells a lot of different products that are not only for the lips. They also sell hair dye in many different colors. They sell eye shadow, highlighters, and makeup brushes. They sell pretty much any type of makeup available on the market today.

If you are looking for a little glitter in your life then you should check out this wonderful product. You can find this and other exciting makeup on their website. You will be so happy you did.

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Talkspace-Therapy on the Go

At some point in our lives, we will have to face something unpleasant. Everybody deals with situations differently, but we are all resilient to some degree. But no matter how resilient we are sometimes we need a little extra help to overcome certain things. The trick is to not be hard on yourself and not to hibernate from the problem. Your life may drastically change, and you may need to learn some new coping skills.

Losing a pet can be especially hard, and life without your favorite furry al may seem unbearable. People deal with the loss of a loved one in different ways and in different degrees an there are support and counseling groups to help us to move on. It can be expensive or inconvenient to attend these types of meetings, and many of us don’t bother or just try to move on in our own way. Often we don’t really move on, but instead, we just bury our feelings. This is unhealthy and can be even harmful.

In this day and age of technology, it’s now possible to get the therapy that you need right from a phone session with a therapist. Talkspace is an app that will connect you with a therapist. You can get therapy on your own terms and at the time that works for you. All you need to do is answer questions about yourself, and you will be matched with a therapist that will be a good fit.

Compared to a traditional therapy session you won’t be spending as much and you will not have to search for countless hours for a therapist that you like. Just text back and forth with your therapist and get the help you need to deal, cope, and work through any problems that you may have.

How to Get Good Grades

In school, many students stress over grades way more than they should. Many students worry about their GPA and if they’re going to get accepted into their college of choice. Even though school is relatively important and education in very valuable, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down how to get good grades without being so stressed out. Let’s get started!

1. Study
Make it a main objective to sit down and study every night for each of your classes. The time spent studying is relative to your lifestyle. In other words, there is no specific amount of time that one needs to study for. However, study as much as you can especially for your more difficult classes. If you have friends in the class, feel free to make a study group. This increases overall retention, increasing your chances of receiving a better grade. Also, find out which study method works best for you. Some people learn great with others and some people learn great on their own. Overall, keep an open mind and find out the method that works best for you.

2. Know what’s important
Many people seriously mis-prioritize their schoolwork. In other words, some student focus on things that aren’t really important like homework and participation points. Instead, focus on studying for tests and exams which are weighted a lot higher than homework and participation. In the end, this method will result in a larger increase in your overall grade. Like I said before, don’t sweat the small stuff.

3. De-stress
If you’re still feeling stressed about school, exercise regularly or meditate every morning. Find out what activity relaxes you and takes your mind off of school work. Then, do that activity over and over again until you are fully relaxed.