2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year

The awards for the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year have just been announced. Well over 5,000 photographers entered the contest. The main rule of this particular contest was that at least a portion of whatever was in the photograph entered had to be submerged under the water. There was an overall winner announced, and there were also prizes given to photographers in a number of separate categories.

The overall winner of the contest was a photographer from Germany named Tobias Friedrich. Mr. Friedrich took a photo he named “Cycle War”. The photo was taken off of the Egyptian coast. The photo captured an image of a ship called the SS Thistlegorm. On the boat is a shipping crate with three Norton motorcycles resting side by side. The motorcycles are completely covered in algae, but the outline of each of the cycles is clearly visible.

Grant Thomas was the winner of the prize recognizing the British Underwater Photographer of the Year. Mr. Thomas took a photo that shows two swans with their necks intertwined. The pairs’ heads are visible underneath the water feeding on the underwater vegetation.

One of the most stunning photographs to win an award won the prize in the portrait category. The winning photographer, Tanya Houppermans, captured a photo of a sand shark swimming vertically in the water. The underside of the shark is captured, but what makes the photo so fantastic is that all around the shark as it swims are hundreds of very small fish. The little fish are swimming in such a way that they frame the shark within the photograph.

Some of the other award winners featured photos of humpback whales swimming underwater, and one photo captured a bear with his snout below the water attempting to capture a salmon. The winner in the black and white category featured a crocodile floating under the waters off the coast of Cuba.

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