Food Photography Classes To Boost Career Options For Culinary Students

Seven years after its founding, Instagram is now claiming 800 million users very month. That Instagram, and social media in general has transformed every aspect of photography as we knew is no secret.

In culinary arts, photography is as important an art as the fork and knife. Taking advantage of the digital media, the Culinary Institute of America plans to introduce a courses in food photography in a bid to sharpen the skills of their students in telling food stories.

Among the lessons the students will enjoy is how to work with digital cameras, lighting and editing. The course is being developed for by Phil Masfield who works as a photographer for the school and food stylist Kersti Bowser, an alumna of the institute. Commenting on this exciting development Bowser said that the food photography lessons will help in “evoking the feeling that it’s going to be luscious.”

Instagram is a key focus for the institute and Ms. Bowser further added that they will be working to bring on board photos that not only maintain and communicate the food flavor but also ones will have “food keep its integrity.”

The institute is doing more than taking the food photography art to a higher level. From the glass walled kitchen at the institute, Jason Potanovich, an assistant professor and the executive chef is able to monitor the reactions of diners as they partake off various meals.From experience Mr. Potanovich says that a meal that is more photogenic has higher chances of remaining on the menu.

Apart from preparing students to perfect an important part of their careers, the school also aims at expanding career options for the students. In an increasingly competitive yet slowly growing market, students are being empowered with an option through which they can still earn a living. This will go a long way in enhancing their resume and expanding their possibilities in life.

Greg Secker Enlightens Starters in Forex Trade on What to Consider When Venturing In the Trade

The general argument within trading circles is that forex trade is too complicated for ordinary people to the extent that it is hard for newcomers to make any meaningful returns from it. However, Greg Secker is of an entirely different opinion. According to the renowned American businessman, all one needs to succeed in forex trade is a combination of determination, ability to manage risk, and understanding of basic forex trade indicators. While acknowledging the fact that it may take several months for a newcomer to get the three together, Secker argues that the learning process should not spill over a year for a dedicated trader.

The Indicators

For starters, there are a handful of forex indicators that Greg Secker believes one must get right before setting out to invest in the forex market. Some economists argue that success in forex trading is dependent purely on luck and that there are no defined indicators that can accurately predict how the trading unfolds. Secker discredits that argument saying that traders ought not to depend on luck but instead should read several indicators including, but not limited to, the Stochastic Oscillator, the Simple Moving Average (SMA), and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

The Stochastic Oscillator has been used by many generations of traders for more than six decades now. The indicator tool was invented by Dr. George Lane, a legendary trade analyst. When used objectively, the indicator can point to future occurrences, including as to whether a currency will fall or rise in value. The Simple Moving Average (SMA), on the other hand, can predict business trends for up to 100 days. Traders using it can know with a high degree of certainty how a currency will behave within 10 to 20 days as well as between 50 to 100 days. Lastly, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) detects, and advice traders on how sudden market changes are regarding price or value.

About Greg

Ironically, Greg Secker is a graduate of agricultural and food sciences but has excelled in a completely different area- economic analysis. The alumnus of the University of Nottingham has been doing financial and economic analysis for the last 20 years.

Among the companies where Greg Secker has worked is Thomas Cook Financial Services. After leaving the firm in 2003, he founded his venture, Learn to Trade.

Equities First Holdings has Expanded Their Presence Across The World

Follow the work done by Equities First Holdings whenever possible. They were founded back in 2002 and have become a leading company in their own right. The UK is proud of the work that they have accomplished in lending. Many borrowers simply trust their team to deliver when it comes to capital agreements. Lenders are often ranked by their reputation and ability in the market. Equities First Holdings UK is highly respected in their own right.

Over the years, Equities First Holdings has expanded their presence across the world. They have surprised many with renewed efforts to keep the company going strong. New offices were opened up in countries such as the United States and Thailand. The team also has offices opened in Hong Kong and Singapore. That grants them access to lucrative markets among their borrowers. Lenders like these often know how to manage money appropriately in due time and more


Rick Smith and Securus Make the Prison Industry Technological

For years, there was no change in the prison industry. People did the same thing over and over but were not always pleased with the results. This was somewhat of a problem for the people who were running the industry, but they didn’t know what they could do about it. They didn’t have the resources to handle all the things they needed to do on their own. In fact, they really didn’t have any ideas of what would make the community better for themselves and for other people who were in the same situations. They needed someone who came from a different area to help them get the right answers and to make their prisons better. It was a way for them to make things easier and something that would allow them the chance to try different things so they could make the prison easier to run.

The answer came from Securus. The company was originally a prison communication company, but it was so much more than that when Rick Smith first took over. He wanted to demonstrate to the community how they could be able to enjoy the options he had available for them so he took advantage of that in every way possible. He also made sure he was doing the right thing for the company so that it could grow and be more than just a basic communications company. For Rick Smith to do this, he had to make sure he was getting into all the right prisons. He started out with the ones he had worked with in the past.

For Rick Smith to do this, he came up with an idea for an integrated system. It was easy to use and most prison administrators would be able to use it when they were working on different things. He also knew things would continue to get better if he was offering innovative solutions to all the people who he served in the different prison environments. It helped him improve the business and grow it to the point where it is at now.

Since the prison industry has grown and changed from the time when Rick Smith first started, it continues to be something people can take advantage of. Rick Smith plans on making it even better in the future. Technology is a huge part of his business so he wants to keep adding new technological options to the things he has already done. Rick Smith knows doing this will give him a chance to make things better and offer the best opportunities for prison administrators. Supporting them is his number one goal to help make the industry better than what it used to be in the past.

Paul Mampilly Thrives in Financial Advisory

Paul Mampilly has grown to make some groundbreaking advances in the financial sector. This successful man has salvaged many businesses from the financial crisis by providing expert advice on how to acquire and manage finances for the smooth running of the businesses.

His financial advisory skills are due to his association with some of the best higher learning institutions in the world. Paul Mampilly is an alumnus of the Montclair State University, New Jersey where he studied a finance degree. Besides, he is also known for his Master’s in specific business disciplines that he got from Fordham University, New York, and his Website.

Having gained a wealth of experience in his field of specialization, Paul Mampilly has managed to provide entrepreneurs with good decision-making approaches concerning the finances of their businesses. This has been through forums and workshops alongside the publication of business articles that have equally been of help.

Revealing my 3 million dollar ideas. #TWSFL

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 21, 2017

In his articles, Paul Mampilly has majorly focused the attention of his readers on ways of maximizing their profits and indulging in investments. Having this approach gives every entrepreneur an opportunity to successfully run their firms without any financial constraints. Even upon retirement, they get to live on the savings that they made during their working days. Having a retirement benefit plan is essential for any employee regardless of their fields of specialization, and more information click here.

Majorly, investors have sought his counsel regarding their local and international investments. Paul Mampilly has assisted many of them with business plans that have come to term upon implementation. By now the leading in stock exchange markets around the world are investors of the United States of America origin, and

Having been born in India during the times when the Indian economy was not delivering at its best, he has always wanted to correct some of the wrongs in the economy. One thing for sure is that Paul Mampilly lives each day knowing that everything he dreamed of and worked hard for is constantly bearing fruits gives him the urge to forge ahead. Paul Mampilly’s articles are gaining popularity and his clients keep thriving at their business activities. This man chose the right path for his lifelong dreams and there’s no single doubt about that.

Interestingly, Paul Mampilly has made notable advances in the stock exchange markets through his actual participation and indirect influence through the readers of his business articles. With all these, Paul Mampilly has managed to set records that no financial advisor have ever met hence earning him a series of awards and appreciation from various organizations, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Getting Fabletics Clothing Through Various Methods

Fabletics is a company that has a lot of growing to do. Kate Hudson is making sure that people learn more about the brand as she plans to open up as many as 100 stores within the next three years. Some people that look at this strategy from Kate Hudson may wonder why she is opening more brick-and-mortar stores when most companies are closing down stores to cut operating costs.


Kate Hudson has no reason to shy away from the opening of stores because she knows a lot about what is happening when it comes to expanding her customer base. Kate Hudson realizes that even though her online crowd is big there is still need to get more people to recognize this website. The only way that people can become more familiar with the company is by getting the company in the presence of those that usually do not notice it. In order to do that physical stores had to be brought into place. This was going to be the thing that was needed to help these customers recognize the Fabletics brand.


Fabletics is the company that has the ability to grow with brick-and-mortar stores. It is true that the cost of operating these doors may take more time and money, but it is going to be profitable in the long run.


There is quite a bit of talk about how the Fabletics brand is going to lure more customers when stores are opened. Kate Hudson has already did her homework and figured this out. One of the big ways to lure more customers to become VIP members is by getting people to listen to sales representatives in the stores talk about the plan.


Most people have a desire to maximze time, and this is exactly what a clothing company like Fabletics is able to do. People that get automated shipments are finding that they will save a lot of time.


This is part of the reason that Fabletics has been able to grow. It is the type of company that expands with in many different directions. People have the ability to shop online. Others have the ability to go to the store and buy clothes. There are even people that sign up for the VIP membership and get their clothes sent automatically to them every month. These people are loyal customers, but they do not have to do any shopping in the stores or online. Shipments are automated.


Anyone that watches Kate Hudson will realize that she wanted up make her company accessible to people on multiple levels. She did not want anyone to have an excuse for not getting access to the type of athletic clothing that they wanted.


This would lead to a great amount of possibilities to expand the Fabletics brand. People are hearing about it through many different marketing channels, and social media is really buzzing about the stylish clothes that are very comfortable. Kate Hudson gives potential customers a multitude of options for shopping.

Sussex Healthcare, A Leader In Therapy

Sussex medical care is an exceptional center. It’s just about the finest center the healthcare business has to offer you. Their services to people with learning disabilities are well recorded. There doesn’t exist a center which could top it. Records have demonstrated that reviews and a number of evaluations have afforded top scores from every one of their staff. Really, they have been next to none. The care they offer depends upon the patient; folks have reached the forefront of health in their doctor’s care.

The pros are highly recommended and are generally certified for the maximum degree of care attainable. The team is expertly skilled in most areas of healthcare, specially the areas between disabled patients as well as the older patients. They offer you a vast selection of chances for people with great needs. Their faculty programs are the spring board for all prominent livelihood. Internships and full-time jobs are only a few cases of chances they give.

College students have engaged in therapeutic healing for patients in Sussex medical care. It could be rigorous. Staff is advised to work on a round the clock basis to guarantee optimum maintenance. The continuing staffing ends up creating the ideal maintenance environment; there will be help available when patients want it. Sussex Health Care prides itself with this particular level of care.

Every healthcare program is catered into your own individual patient. Services have been given for patients with a number of disabilities and give them caution they wouldn’t find somewhere else. By reading graphs, performing assessments, and referring patients to specialists, they have been allowing specific tools and plans to prevail. The patients receiving the most technical attention are tremendously thankful. For patients with deep heights of ailments, you can find technical therapy monitors they are going to soon be adhering to. Numerous physicians will probably be advised to look after the individual. Bathrooms with monitors, spring beds, and other necessities are all given to patients for their relaxation and comfort. The chambers may be customized nevertheless; the patient’s wants will be met; therefore, they really are feeling directly at home. Many patients maintain images of loved ones within their dresser drawers and near their beds. Additionally, there are blossoming flowers, televisions, and other comforts. If an individual needs assistance, or experiences a health emergency, calling for assistance is as easy as pressing a button.

These treatments are low impact and higher benefit. Patients have been treated to time with coaches and time in heated pools. These are the luxury treatments that set Sussex apart from competition.

Search more about Sussex Healthcare:

Susan McGalla Empowering Women in Business

Records show that businesses with gender diversity are15% more likely to beat companies. Those that are ethnically diverse are 35% more likely to outperform others because there is enough room for new ideas. However, only a small percentage of their higher positions are held by women.

Many women struggle to hold higher positions in companies, but other women like Susan McGalla are helping women become leaders. Susan believes she was raised to work comfortably with both women and men. She grew up with two brothers and a dad who was a football coach and was never pampered like a girl child, she had to work.

At American Eagle Outfitter, Susan worked her way up. When she joined, all the company’s executives were men, but before exiting, McGalla became the president. Later, she established P3 Executive Consulting Company and currently she serves at Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President.

Susan McGalla’s success is encouraging, but not all women find these opportunities quickly. The glass ceiling is a problem that women have been addressing for years. However, there are women’s networks and initiatives where women are given a platform to share ideas, make connections with women in the industry and support women leaders. Also creating sponsorship opportunities will break gender discrimination. Women get a chance to lead significant projects given by the sponsor. Executive sponsors provided would motivate women to make a change in business.

Susan McGalla is a well-known entrepreneur and executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other than working at American Eagle Outfitters Inc., Susan served as a chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc.

Susan McGalla is a board member Of HFF Inc. and the Magee-Women’s’ Hospital Research Institute. She is an alumnus of Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan is passionate about helping women venture in business and become leaders.

Why manufacturers are turning to cloud-based

IAM can be defined as internet and access management. This is a web service that enables one to control access to AWS resources. AWS resources are resources that Amazon web services. Amazon services offer reliable, inexpensive and scalable cloud computing services. In this particular article, we look at the reasons manufacturers are opting to use cloud computing services.

Contemporary manufacturing organizations look at cloud computing services as a tool that can enable their businesses to achieve organizational success. At a reduced cost they look forward to simplified identity management, security and increased agility across their supply chains.

OneLogin has come up with a solution to the problems facing manufactures. The first solution looks at not only saving IT time but also improves on user productivity. It does this by centralizing each employee’s apps in a single location for easy and quick access with a single secure password.

OneLogin through automated process enables streamlining user onboarding and offboarding. It is empowered with IR systems that make it easier for employees to get into and leave the company at their pleasure. The process becomes smoother, time-saving and simplified.

According to OneLogin, they cover comprehensively about employees using personal devices to access corporate data. OneLogin has acquired Adaptive authentication which is an improved breed of MFA. When employees attempt to sign in using their devices adaptive authentication uses machine learning to analyze a number of factors. The system looks into factors such as geographical location, time of the day one is accessing, network familiarity, and the login device. It tends to look for Abnormality in the factors highlighted above. The system responds dynamically by asking for additional authentication factors when unusual activity is detected.

OneLogin Web Access Management simplifies the process of legacy infrastructure. It does this by integrating with the web users to secure access to legacy applications. At the same time, while streamlining the legacy infrastructure, it connects to OneLogin cloud directory for the full set of cloud IAM features. Through OneLogin manufacturers have preferences in setting up their accounts on one cloud directory.

Securus and Its Methods for Crime Prevention

A Look Into Securus Technologies


Crime prevention is one of the biggest issues facing the average person in today’s world, as well as any company, big or small. Securus Technologies has found ways to tackle this ever-present problem.


Securus, a company that specializes in developing technological solutions for civil and criminal justice as well as public safety, corrections and investigations, has come forward with some comments on how to use technology to solve and prevent crimes. Crimes between inmates were mentioned specifically in the comments.


Richard A. Smith, the chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, stated that the company develops a new product or service to help with law enforcement and correctional officers once a week, every week. He added that he personally receives a lot of mail regarding the technology that is built and how it is able to keep society safe, ranging from regular civilians to inmates, their families and even those on parole.


Public opinion regarding Securus has been met with generally positive reviews and praises. A comment of note regarding security discussed monitoring calls between inmates and any alcohol and drug use that may have been taking place inside the facility. The use of the company’s technology has helped crack down on these issues and curb the flow of such problems.


Securus Technologies is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has served more than 3,400 different public safety, law enforcement and correctional groups across North America. Safety services that are provided by the company include incident management, providing emergency responses to dire situations, investigations, biometric analysis and information management.