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Every person has their line of specialization. A filed where they perform exemplary well. Most people realize that they need financial analysts when they reach retirement time. As a doctor or a lawyer, you may not be very good at predicting future economic hardships and come up with viable solutions. At such a point in life, you will need Agora Financial for professional input.

Our financial experts will send you commentaries in the form of articles and publications to your email. They will analyze your situation and advise you accordingly. You will also attend some seminars that will enlighten your mind. Agora Financial has been in the market for decades, and we have been very successful when predicting the world’s financial markets. We predicted the housing crisis before it even took place and we also knew that the fuel prices were about to skyrocket and read full article.

When looking for a financial strategist to help you invest your money, look for a firm that works with experts from the different industries. Agora Financial works with top employees. Among the people employed by Agora include a geologist from Harvard University, respected stock analyzer/ bond expert, award-winning writers and a technology expert among other employees. The combination ensures that the investment advice given is profitable. Traveling around the world looking for untapped opportunities makes Agora unleash all the opportunities from all over the globe and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Agora financial was founded as a subsidiary of Agora Inc. in 1979. We have been working with people since then helping them grow their wealth and protect it from agents like insurance companies, banks, and the taxman. With our commentaries and publication, you will rest assured that your future is secured. We are based in Baltimore, Maryland, and we strive to give our customers the best of what they desire and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

It is impossible to discredit a firm that predicted the outcome of the Brexit situation as well as Trump’s win. It is such accurate predictions that have made Agora Financial be the best in making investment decisions and learn more about Agora Financial.

David McDonald’s Impact at OSI Group

David McDonald is the president of one of the leading food processing companies in the world; OSI Group. With his abilities, Dave has helped the OSI Group grow and become an international company. OSI Group specifically deals in the processing of protein foods, snacks, pizza, and sandwiches. Its main aim is to grow and penetrate as many countries as possible. David McDonald, a graduate in Animal Science from Iowa State University is very innovative, and that has been the key thing at OSI Group.

David has considerable experience in the food processing industry. He is a past chairman of the North American Meat Institute. On top of that, Dave is a Director at Marfrig Global Foods. He has vast experience, and he has helped OSI group penetrate various markets in the world. OSI Group has been operational in China for over 20 years now. David Focused China due to its population which means a ready market for processed food. This was very tactical as with high and ever-growing population in China, and food demand will rise. Therefore, the company will be supplying protein foods, beef patties, pizzas, and snacks to local food companies.

David McDonald believes with local- solution strategies, OSI group will continue to grow globally. He ensures that management of local plants established in different countries like China, understand the local market very well. This ensures proper understanding of their customers’ preferences, and they should aim at satisfying them. This means that the products they develop have ready market hence more sales and significant profits.

With the aim of becoming a global brand, OSI Group with the help of David acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods was a Dutch food processing company that dealt with deli Meat, snacks, and convenience foods. David said that this was a great move as it was to enhance the presence of OSI Group in Europe. With Baho Food having subsidiary food processing plants in Germany and Netherlands, OSI Group presence will be felt in Europe.

Dave has also helped the Group get major contracts. In 2008, in Beijing, OSI Group got a deal to supply chicken, beef, eggs, and pork at the Olympic games. Using superior tactics, intelligence and innovations, David has helped the OSI Group grow and expand.

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The Role of Neurocore in the Fight against Depression

Did you know that every 12.3 minutes there’s said to be one death by suicide in the United States? Depression is ravaging, and it is a common mental illness in the United States; the majority of suicide deaths are caused by depression.

According to reports, up to 6.7 percent –16 million adults – are affected by this mental illness. One major reason depression kills is the reluctance of those struggling with it to seek adequate help. However, societal stigma is the leading cause of the reluctance of people suffering from mental health and depression to make their feelings known. This mental health condition, however, is a disease that is treatable just like all other illnesses, it just needs to be healed with patience and professional aid.

Depression is caused by different reasons and various combinations of factors. There’s no one cause for all kinds of depression. The most common causes include: abuse, financial problems, weight gain, divorce, unemployment, loss of a loved one, or even another disease. As researchers suggest, there may be a biological factor to depression. The symptoms or signs which anyone should look out for include: lack of interest in fun and social activities, continuous sadness, emptiness, irritability, fatigue and drastic weight loss/gain. This is not an exclusive list, as other symptoms vary from one person to another.

Overall, the good news is: Depression is completely treatable. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is one of the most recommended places to treat this illness, as they focus on using data-driven, brain-based evaluations and training programs to help children and adults improve concentration and manage stress, and also to cure sleep challenges. It was launched on Jan. 1, 2004, and Neurocore has rapidly become an authority in applied neuroscience; it has nine brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers help both children and adults to fight ADHD (Teen & Adult), anxiety, autism, depression, migraines, sleep, and stress. It is important to seek help immediately, or to get help for someone who’s suffering from this mental condition. There are many centers that focus on mental illnesses, especially depression, and the Neurocore Brain Performance Center is one of them. Make sure to contact professionals or visit the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers to receive adequate help.

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Jeremy Goldstein Advises His Clients on the Advantages of Stock Options for their Employees

Many companies have decided to end stock options for their employees, and according to them, the reason is to save money. But, one of the top reasons for the move is that the stock values are not constant, and when the prices of company stocks are low, the options with the employees are also affected. The accounting process for issuing the stock option is also complicated and costly. Still, there are many advantages of stock options for the employees. They ensure that the employees are working hard for the company so that it remains profitable and their stock prices also rise.


According to experts, there is another way in which the companies who want to stick to the stock options for the employees can benefit from it. It is known as a knockout barrier which means that the stocks have a particular share value and if the price goes below that, the employees lose their options. They can also withdraw their shares if the stock values remain constant for a while and do not rise.


The legal fraternity of the United States is filled with expert lawyers, and one of such lawyers based in New York is Jeremy Goldstein. He is considered to be the go-to attorney when it comes to anything related to executive compensation and complicated matters about employee’s benefits. He has years of experience practicing corporate governance and law and has handled many complicated and challenging cases for his clients. Jeremy Goldstein believes that the field of law is advancing rapidly and that the companies should also progress at the same speed to avoid any legal hassles or complications.


Jeremy Goldstein went to New York University School of Law, Cornell University, and the University of Chicago to earn law degrees. Since then the jobs were scarce, he started his practice and established a firm with the name of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He has an extensive list of clients who seek advice from him on their compensation matters.


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Betsy DeVos Is Likely To Change the Education System Entirely

Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education as nominated by the President Donald Trump. Betsy has shown much interest in the field of education over the years as she feels the public school system is not beneficial. In an interview, she said that the public school system discriminates against the children from the wrong zip codes and denies them the opportunity of attaining the American dream. As a result, Betsy encourages parents to transfer their kids to Voucher and Charter schools, albeit their tuition fees are higher. She says that the latter offer kids better chances of making it in life and are more conducive.

Betsy’s interest in Voucher and Charter schools dates back to some few decades when she and her husband Dick DeVos attended a school meeting at the Potters House School, which is owned by Bishop Thomas Jakes a televangelist and renown entrepreneur. In the parents’ meeting, Betsy realized that most parents felt that the school was safer and offered a better learning environment for their kids. As a result, many did not mind the fact that its fees were higher or they could not afford, they still enrolled their kids. Upon further research, Betsy realized that parents, who were unable to continue paying fees caused their kids a sudden stop in progress as the kids most times dropped out of school. Consequently, Dick and Betsy started supporting the less privileged kids pay their tuition fees, not only in Potters House School but also in other similar schools. The couple has been in support of these programs since that time. In fact, Betsy says that most of her philanthropic giving is towards education related courses. She gives to cause a reform in the fields and to offer the American students a better future. In her words, education is the only way generation can be empowered.

Many people fault Betsy DeVos for her political giving but they fail to release that her charitable giving is far much more. In fact, her political giving is just pocket change compared to her philanthropic giving. Case in point, in 2015, Betsy and Dick DeVos gave $139 million in charitable giving and only $6 million in political giving. The couple gives through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They say that their parents taught them good stewardship of their resources could only be archived through giving. Consequently, the couple gives, not as show off but as a way of fulfilling legacy.

In her current position as the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos is expected to make many changes to the education system, especially to the old public system. Those who are dear to the system say that they fear that she will entirely overhaul it. Nevertheless, Betsy says that the welfare of the children is her priority.

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Sheldon Lavin – Successful Businessman Grows OSI Group Into Promising Company

OSI Group, LLC is an international food company that has been in business for many years. Originally it was called Otto & Sons before it was named OSI Group. Since 1970, Sheldon Lavin has been running the show as the CEO and Chairman of the OSI company. He has been working with the company for many decades and continues to oversee the day to day operations, finances and structure of the business. Throughout the years, Lavin helped the business form into an international industry as opposed to a domestic food processing company. They are proud to be a company with more than 60 locations with 60 different countries.

Throughout the course of his career, Lavin has been presented many awards, including the Global Visionary Award. It was accepted with much honor and he was very humbled to receive such a prestigious award. The award was presented by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20,2016. Lavin has worked hard in the industry to make sure that OSI Group prospered and developed into the company that it is today. He has spent much of his life dedicated to the overall benefits of the company and the employees.

OSI Group has developed its resources internationally, which has expanded their services to the fullest potential. In the process of growth, they’ve received many environmental sustainability awards under the supervision of Lavin. He is still going strong as the CEO of OSI, however, he wants the next group of executives to continue to build the company into a strong powerhouse. He hopes that he can inspire the next group of corporate leaders and allow them to dedicate themselves to the expansion and rapid growth that the company continues to experience.

While Lavin stays busy overseeing the operations at OSI Group, he still stays very active within the communities endeavors. He takes part in many charitable causes and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Throughout his life, he has many things to be proud of which include the success of his business and all of the business ventures he’s taken part in. One of the things he has been most proud of is the opportunity to provide for his family and help raise his three children with his wife. He has also taken great pride in the ability to give back to the community while utilizing the necessary tools to grow his company to its fullest capacity.


Jeremy Goldstein

Some corporations have chosen not to provide stock options in recent times. This is because the stock value may drop which makes it impossible for the employed to exercise their stock options. Some people are now wary of this provided that economic downturns can make their options lose value. Stock options only help employees if a corporation’s share value rises. If it does not, you lose stock options. There are Internal Revenue Service rules that make it difficult to supply employees with equities, in particular for top executives. Companies cannot eliminate these benefits because the price goes down for hours or days. An employer can only cancel stocks when the value is low for a few weeks.



Jerry Goldstein is a business lawyer with 15 years experience in advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and corporations. He went to New York School of Law, graduating in 1999. He was a partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz from 2000-2014. Then he became a partner at his firm, Jeremey Goldstein& Associates, LLC from 2014 until today. Goldstein’s take on shareholder activism, or people who claim there is something wrong with a company’s pay structure when there is not is featured throughout his writings. A shareholder is part of the governing board of a company. Protecting an employee from an activist attack is high on his priority list. Activists want to get their money back from investment capital and return on equity rather than earnings per share or interwoven revenue targets. Compensation programs must fulfill their purpose for existing. Companies have to be wary of the activist achieving membership on the board because they will want to control the company in some way. Goldstein has a handle on why this happens and how to deal with it when the need arises.


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Desiree Perez Is One Of The Executives Who Broke Records In 2016

For the first-time streaming led the sales in the United States music business in 2016. This accounted for the double-digit growth that has not been seen for two decades. Music sales increased 11.4 percent with the highest annual increase since 1998 for a total of $7.65 billion. The top executives of the Billboard’s Digital Power Players are responsible for these record-breaking numbers. They were selected for their roles in the industry sectors including record labels, streaming services, social media platforms, and music publishers. These individuals are redefining the music business for the future.

Desiree Perez was one of the power players with numerous recent wins. Sprint paid $200 million for 33 percent of Tidal in January sending the streaming service to over 45 million customers of Sprint. An exclusive stream to Sprint and Tidal customers on June 30th placed their album in the number one position in the Billboard 200. Tickets to an upcoming tour for Jay-Z are being offered exclusively through Tidal due to their new deal with Live Nation for $200 million. Desiree Perez has assured Tidal’s footing by bringing Sony Music’s previous Senior Executive Richard Sanders in as the company’s new CEO and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez has been a vital part of the entertainment industry for a long time. She is married to Juan Perez who leads Roc Nation Sports and her reputation for accounting and negotiations is outstanding. Her history is filled with stories regarding her management abilities including the well-known deal she made with Samsung for Rihanna and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

As a business owner Desiree Perez has finalized deals that have brought the highest profits and best artists to Tidal. She is a large part of the reason so many people continue to sign up with Tidal. She is an incredible force behind the scenes as she carries out deal after impressive deal. Her instincts and mindset are exactly what Tidal needs and more information click here.

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Boraie Development LLC has Helped a City Achieve Greatness

It is not very often that we look at businesses and think they have compassionate souls. However, thanks to the president of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie, Boraie Development LLC is full of compassion and tenderness. They have bought into their patriarchs’ vision, and that vision, not only changed the company, but it saved the city of New Brunswick and New Jersey is grateful.

It was the vision of Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC to resurrect this fallen city. Boraie Development LLC, according to their site,, used $150 million over a period of 30 years to invest in the appropriate areas so that the city could grow. These four areas of life were families, current businesses, new businesses, and residential for professionals. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

By focusing on families, Boraie Development LLC ensured that the city would always have a stream of generations who could make it thrive. Recently, according to a wonderful article by the “New Jersey Stage”, Boraie Development LLC has made a deal with the State Theater to provide a summer of free movies to the community. The movies were seven in all, most of them Disney. They included modern hits like Frozen and Despicable Me and Monster University, along with classics such as, E.T., Babe, and Aladdin. Over 7,500 people came to enjoy these movie nights with their families.

This wonderful even has now grown into an annual tradition. The free movie nights in the summer has expanded from just families and now attracts church youth groups, summer camps, 4H clubs, and even nursing homes.

The type of business that Boraie Development LLC is running is that of social entrepreneurship. This is a business philosophy that says businesses, along with making money, should be positively impacting their communities in some way. This not only makes the area a better place to live, but also shows a softer side of the company which makes customers more willing to do business with them. For more details check out Fundacity.

Boraie Development LLC certainly has done many wonderful things for the good city of New Brunswick, Jew Jersey. In fact, a recent article published from has listed Boraie Development LLC and its president, Omar Boraie, as the main reason New Brunswick thrives today.

We need more businesses like Boraie Development LLC and presidents like Omar Boraie. The majority of us view corporations like heartless machines. However Boraie Development LLC shows us a kinder side.

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The Dedication And Skill Imran Haque Uses To Operate His Practice Have Made Him Incredibly Popular As A Physician

Imran Haque is an internist with a career built on respect. His home is in Asheboro, North Carolina and his services are available at Horizon Internal Medicine. His medical expertise is notable and during his fifteen-year career he has treated many illnesses requiring his expertise. Dr. Imran Haque attended a highly prestigious university in Santo Domingo and received his medical degree with honors. He believes every single patient is entitled to high quality medical services.

Imran Haque provides exceptional treatment for his patients with in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. He has established himself as one of North Carolina’s choice physicians. Imran Haque customizes the care he provides his patients and has earned their trust through excellent communication. His background and skill in internal medicine is commendable and he is both licensed and board-certified. He treats his patients with exceptional care and concerns himself with their recovery.

The services offered by Imran Haque are extensive. He is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia, epilepsy, diabetes, and glaucoma and offers cosmetic and wellness treatments. Imran Haque provides 360 resurfacing to rejuvenate the skin and is specialized and highly qualified in this treatment. Imran Haque helps his patients manage their weight and live healthier and more active lifestyles. His passion for health has enabled him to become a specialist in diabetes and his patient’s health is always his number one priority. His unique understanding of his patients allows him to provide the best possible care and earn their respect.

Imran Haque additionally offers his patients laser hair removal. He can remove undesired hair and slow down the regrowth. He has performed this procedure so many times he achieves success easily. Imran Haque is rare because his patients trust, health, and welfare are so important to him. He is a combination of professionalism and compassion in a highly qualified internist. He makes his office easily accessible because he cares about the comfort and safety of his patients. His medical examinations and checkups allow him to diagnose and treat an illness with accuracy. These are the reasons Imran Haque has become incredibly popular with the residents of North Carolina.

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