Boraie Development: A Leader in Real Estate Development In New Jersey

New Jersey, one of the densely populated regions in the U.S. is at the brink of a real estate market crisis. Records by Zillow, a real estate tracking agent, show that New Jersey is among the U.S. states with the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages that are delinquent and in foreclosure. This is the reason why New Jersey’s real estate markets are trailing the country. However, the dropping rates of foreclosure and delinquency are a sign of the improved policies and efforts by the authorities such as high rates of employment and formation of households. It is expected that in future, such positive trends will continue as the industry starts to change its focus in resolving shortages and tackling the developing numbers of markets and the affordability crisis.

Mixed Sentiments Regarding the Housing Industry in New Jersey

In a report by Philly Purge, Lawrence Yun, a chief economist at the “National Association of Realtors”, says that the housing shortages are set to intensify and might result in a housing emergency unless the widening gap between the supply and demand of housing is addressed. Considering the shortage of homes for sales and auctions, and the quick pace of selling newly constructed homes, things in New Jersey are likely to get worse. Experts predict that the drop could intensify in the near future.

Despite all this negative reports, New Jersey might just as well defy the odds. Zillow projects that house prices are likely to rise and households can expect better selling conditions in future. The sentiments revolving around house shortages have caused many people to withhold vacant houses from the market. The house owners expect house prices to increase.

A majority of the towns in New Jersey are bracing themselves for revolutionary developments and an increase in apartment buildings. Prices in these towns have gone up in the last couple of months. The most obvious trend amongst these towns is the easy access to transit. These towns are within a few minutes to the transit station, which is an incredible attraction and draw for many prospective home buyers. Economists predict that the real estate markets are set to change because the high interest rates expectations and low house prices will contribute to an increase in the construction of homes. The creation of jobs will further increase the demand for housing. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the urban real estate market. The firm works with the most talented and reputable institutions, architects and contracts in an effort to meet the demands and expectations of the housing consumers. With a track record of more than twenty years in real estate development, Omar Boraie Development is among the most sought after real estate firms in New Jersey.

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How Jason Halpern has Established Landmark Buildings

Jason Halpern is a professional in the development of real estate properties. His family has generations of experts in the sector, and they are based in New York. They have been in the real estate construction business for over 50 years. Halpern’s family owns a development firm that has built and controls over one hundred residential and commercial buildings that are located in different areas of the Westchester County and New York City. The company also established top-notch housing that offers millions of square feet spaced, which they rented out to individuals who needed business space.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Mr. Halpern gained his first real estate development experience by working at the Halpern Development, which was created by his father. He then established the JMH development that has focused on constructing excellent real estate property in the top tourist and residential cities. They include Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The firm buys land and builds remarkable buildings. Jason is passionate about his real estate development undertakings, and he inspires the staff of his enterprise to be innovative. JMH Development has been partnering with various companies in the sector to purchase landmark buildings and reconstructing them into top-notch residential units that are leased to people. The firm has also been devoted to offering job opportunities in various cities where it runs real estate projects.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

JMH Development has constructed several buildings that are well recognized. They include the luxurious Aloft South Beach hotel, which was formed by transforming the historical Motel Ankara. The company joined efforts with other development firms such as Madden Real Estate Adventures, ADD, Inc., and Plaza Construction to complete the project. The Miami Beach hotel has 235 rooms, and it is adjacent to Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. Jason’s company also created a residential building at the 184 Kent Avenue by transforming an old warehouse. The Brooklyn-based property has about 340 luxurious rental units. Another notable work of the real estate development firm is the reconstruction of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill into nine high-class townhouses that are located in Brooklyn.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Jason is also a committed to supporting people in the United States and other parts of the world. He is usually involved in several activities in his company, but he still finds time to help the community in various ways. He has been offering financial contributions to assist the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in running its activities. The medical facility is recognized as a Level 1 Trauma Center since it has adequate machinery and professionals to handle emergency heart problems. It offers services such as neurosurgery, open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, controlling internal bleeding, and fixing fractures. JMH is also a charitable company. It has established projects that are devoted to offering clean water in Nepal and Egypt.

Life Line Helps Individuals Diagnose Health Threats Before They Become Serious Conditions

Many people die every year from diseases that could have been prevented. Various types of testing are able to detect diseases so treatment can begin earlier. A proactive role in health management has a lot of benefits including the identification and prevention of a disease before it even has a chance to develop. Preventive health screenings detect risk factors in your health which can prevent or slow certain conditions. The screenings are based on each individual having specific risk factors. The importance of any given test is based on your risk factors. This is why Life Line Screenings identify your age, family history, medical history, and overall health profile.

The tests most often used in the comprehensive screening program designed for prevention include ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and a limited electrocardiograph. The tools used by Lifeline Screening are powerful yet simple and accurately asses any health risks in your future andare capable of detecting conditions and diseases before they reach the point of becoming serious. This gives you the ability to stop certain conditions before they begin.

Life Line screening is a company focused on the prevention of disease and wellness. Their base is located in Austin, Texas and they were founded in 1993. Their health screening services are community based, privately operated and available for all United States adults.

Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully created the company and it has seen expansion all over the United States and the United Kingdom. Their health screenings are now available to well over 500,000 people. Their more recent services include testing for cholesterol, diabetes, and inflammation.

The services for preventative health screenings became available in the United Kingdom in 2008 and continue to expand. Atrial fibrillation screenings have been added to their services. Life Line’s goal is to help people remain healthy, be made aware of any potential health threats, and obtain the necessary medical services before these threats become serious conditions.

David McDonald Continues to Lead OSI Group Forward

David McDonald is the President of the OSI Group that produces quality pre-prepared foods that are shipped all around the world. The OSI Group is one of the leading companies that are currently probing retailers around the world with quality food products to sell their consumer. McDonald leads the OSI Group in that endeavor. Today, the OSI Group operates more than 60 locations in a stunning 60 different countries worldwide.

David Mcdonald has continued to work to improve the OSI Group and how they do business and the way he has done that most recently is that he appointed the company a Chief Sustainability Officer as of July 1st, 2017. That individual is Nicole Johnson-Hoffmann who will report directly to McDonald in her efforts to take on responsibility for the continual development of the OSI Group expanding into the future. She will provide the leadership and direction that the company needs around the world while collaborating with the OSI customers, suppliers, and employees as well as anyone else involved with the business. It is believed that Johnson-Hoffmann will be able to help the OSI Group continue to improve their belief that they can still do better to help deliver a more quality product to their customer through better processing and communications while taking care of the environment which we live in. This attitude has bode well for the company so far and will continue to do so into the future.

David McDonald himself also continues to play a vital role in the OSI Group’s rapidly expands to operate in countries all over the world and adapts to regulations by governments and countries around the world as well, yet still always managing to provide consumers a quality product while turning a great profit. David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he graduated back in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

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The Political Career And Expertise Of Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos has been involved in politics since college and has led numerous campaigns, political action committees and party organizations. She was the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years and the current chairman for the Windquest Group. Betsy Devos is involved in non-profit and charitable organizations including the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, the Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children.Betsy Devos has built a reputation on her passion for educational choice. She is a significant supporter of the Potter House and helps families with low incomes provide for their children’s educations. In the 1990’s Betsy Devos was on the boards for the American Education Reform Council and Children First America and worked on the expansion of educational choice with tax credits and vouchers.

She became involved with All Children matter which eventually became the American Federation for Children and educated the public sector regarding educational choice. She firmly believes education must be non-partisan.Betsy Devos is the 11th individual to serve as the United State’s Secretary of Education. Her confirmation was on February 7th of 2017 after she had received a nomination from President Donald Trump. She has almost thirty years of experience in educational policy and has been an advocate for the children. Betsy Devos was a mentor for children at risk in the schools in Michigan for fifteen years. She works for the creation of educational choices for the students in 25 states.Betsy Devos is working with President Donald Trump in the advancement of equal opportunities for a better education for all of the United States students. She does not believe s students education should be determined by their household’s income, where they live or their zip code.

She feels every child deserves the best education possible. In her position of secretary she is advocating for states and localities to maintain more control over education. She wants to provide parents with the ability to choose the educational specifics their children receive.Betsy Devos is a leader in the educational field and fights for the rights of the students. She has lent her expertise and experience to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, ArtPrize and the Kendall College of Art and Design. She possesses an excellent education beginning when she attended the Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where her studies earned her a Bachelor of Arts degree. Betsy Devos’s husband is Dick Devos, a well known philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community activist. The couple have been blessed with six beautiful grandchildren and four children.

Top Texas Doctors Help Their Patients

Texas is a huge place. Many people have chosen to make their homes here as the state offers advantages that include access to inexpensive housing, well maintained roads and major cities where job opportunities are plentiful and abundant. Doctors also find that starting a practice in this part of the nation can help them meet their own goals. The state’s top doctors offer patients easy access to modern medical techniques as well as caring doctors who really do want their patients to be in the best health possible. There are many doctors in the state who can provide their patients with top notch care.

One such doctor is the highly trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden. The doctor is a native of the area and one of the state’s foremost plastic surgeons. Her work has been widely hailed by many local organizations as well as many national publications. She has also been much admired by many local area residents who have relied on her help to get the look they want as a result of her skills.

Dr. Walden earned her medical school degree in Texas. She did very well in school, graduating second in her class. After graduation, she sought further training in the field of plastics at a prestigious hospital in New York City. Under the supervision of a highly renowned doctor, she did original research in the field of plastic surgery. After the completion of her training, she decided that a return to Texas was ideal for her and the needs of her family. Today, she and her twin sons are active members of the Texas community. Doctor Walden continues to provide her patients with superior care.

In this effort, she joins many of her fellow Texas doctors. The top doctors in Texas have been able to help make this state a magnet for medical talent. Those who look for medical training can be assured that they will be able to find it here. Doctors who are seeking to expand their fund of knowledge and become better patient care providers can also find the necessary training they need right here.

The result has been that Texas is one of the nation’s leading sources of excellent doctors. Many of the state’s top providers are tops in their field both locally and nationally as well. They know that they must keep on top of the latest in medical developments to meet the needs of their patients. Many area patients want to have highly trained doctors who can meet their needs and help them look and feel better even as they begin to age. Doctors who can do well here is one who can do well anywhere in the world.

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Susan McGalla Advises and Motivates Women in Marketing Profession

Susan McGalla has been able to help a lot of people realize their full potential. She is a business leader, entrepreneur and a speaker that has motivated a lot of women.

In her role as a creative director with the Pittsburgh Steelers she has been responsible for revamping the clothing line. This is something that she knows a lot about because she has worked in the marketing arena for clothing companies in the past. Susan McGalla has also managed to gain a lot of ground as a business leader that knows a lot about building a better business franchises.

Many women have been inspired by the success that Susan McGalla has had as a corporate leader, and more people are tuning in to hear what she is saying when she speaks. Women are definitely going to benefit from the knowledge that she has, and Susan has no hesitation about sharing what she has learned in the business world. She has become a great resource for a woman that are serious about climbing the corporate ladder.

Susan McGalla knows how the business world works, and she has put her stamp on branding so she definitely can impart valuable wisdom to those that need advice. Susan has become a champion of the people when it comes to pursuing a career and given advice her profession. Many women may have never considered climbing to the top as a CEO, but Susan was prepared to take on this roll more than once.

Her experience as someone that set in a CEO is invaluable to women that are looking for a better position. Investors really had a great amount of respect for the work that she did. People are impressed by her resume, and they are even more engaged when they find out about how much she was taking on in terms of work and personal life. Susan became a mother during the time of her reign as a CEO and she continued to provide strong leadership when she was in the corporate world. She would eventually branch out into business branding on her own.

Edward Honig NYC – On Fire


Cardiology deals with disorders within the heart. This field includes both the diagnosis and treatment options for coronary artery disease, heart failures, congenital heart defects, valvular heart rhythms and even electrophysiology. Cardiologists are often referred to as cardiac specialists and heart specialists – in the vernacular.

It is any good cardiologist’s mission to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective cardiovascular treatment plan and to see patients with numerous heart conditions, such as heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, murmurs or palpitations, heart disease and overall congestive heart failure. These specialists are highly trained surgeons as well.


Edward Honig

As the largest practicing cardiologist in NYC, Edward Honig offers a wide range of treatments to residents, services not found anywhere else. Edward Honig and his board-certified cardiologists have privileges to practice within all surrounding hospitals as well and define what quality patient-oriented care is in New York. As a Glen Care cardiologist, this doctor emphasizes doctor-patient communication and takes the time to listen to or work with each patient – one at a time. It is his goal to help you understand all your cardiovascular care options.


He’ll leverage his memberships in the region’s largest independent physicians group and collaborate with his peers on the latest practices and technologies that are uniquely specific to cardiology and its surrounding practices. It is his mission to offer assistance for the following:

  1. Heart Attacks
  2. Atrial Fibrillation
  3. Heart Murmurs
  4. Heart Disease
  5. Congestive Heart Failure
  6. And MUCH more



Cardiologists measure themselves only by the highest standards in patient care, communication and overall compassion, striving to provide unmatched patient experiences with heart-related healthcare. Honig’s providers are board certified in cardiology of many forms, including interventional cardiology. They have 30 providers, each with decades of experience. These providers believe in the value of patient-centered care and thus communicate clearly in educating patients on their condition. As part of NYC’s largest independent physician group, they offer a network of physicians who can care for multiple cardiology needs.


Glen Care Hospital in New York has a top-rated team of skilled cardiologists who have gained substantial expertise within their specialties through past studies at some of the most renowned national and international institutions. Every cardiologist on the team ranks among the best throughout the Best in New York and Best Cardiologists in the United States rankings; Honig is very proud of every cardiology team member!

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Equities First Holdings-With Growth Comes Expansion

Equities First Holdings is pleased to announce that an increase in international growth has warranted an expansion and relocation of their offices in Melbourne, Australia. The new office will be located at 287 Collins Street on the second level. The move is due to rapid growth and will facilitate the existing staff as well as provide room for further expansion as business grows.The two other locations in Australia will remain open in Sydney and Perth to the best accommodate business in those geographic regions. With over a 50 percent increase in workforce, the expansion could not come at a better time. Expansion has already taken place at Equities First Holdings, Indianapolis location in the United States.

Equities First Holdings holds operations on four continents. North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with projected future expansion into other countries as well.Equities First Holdings is an investment holdings company that distributes capital into a company in return for equities or stock in a company. This can be an advantage to the company because of the low interests terms on the loan.

The money given to the company can be used to expand, finance new product development and launch new products, basically any venue that would be used to increase the companies net worth.A non-recourse stock based loan by Equities First is perfect for companies looking for additional capital to expand their new or already existing business. It is more attractive than a conventional bank loan because the loans are provided with a better interest rate.

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Fabletics the New Face of Activewear for Women

Kate Hudson, the Fabletics activewear business owner, has taken on Amazon because they control 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson’s company has pushed the envelope in meeting the “new consumer’s needs” They focus on building relationships and giving their clients an experience rather than just selling them clothes. Fabletics believes in selling a high-quality product at half the price of their competition. Serendipity of shopping is the focal point of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson thoughts on the winning athleisure brand were innovative. She linked up with Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics president to offer a hands-on approach to create a fabulous active wear line. The line caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Throgmartin said that Kate Hudson was everything he envisioned the activewear brand to be. She’s active in her personal life, approachable and a person of integrity. Although the company had several challenges Kate’s strategy for overcoming them was a proven success. In 2013 the company made a decision to trash their first batch of inventory because of a lack of quality. That cost the company a whopping $300k but they maintained the high-quality brand of Fabletics.

The company has experienced rapid growth due to their attention to customer service and partnership with TechStyle. They actually expanded their customer service team to properly handle the volume of calls they received. This system allowed them to grow 3 times as much from the start-up year. TechStyle Fashion Group also helped to catapult their growth. TechStyle rendered their online fashion expertise and social media experience to Fabletics. As a result, they were able to collect information about their customers and tailor their inventory to meet their needs.

They take your lifestyle into consideration when helping you find a great outfit. They accomplish this by asking you a serious of questions. I encourage you to take the Lifestyle quiz to find the perfect Fabletics gear for you. It’s great to know that the company has invested time and money to assure that their customers are getting a quality product and great customer service. Fabletics design activewear with women of all shapes and sizes in mind.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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