Rona Borre- A Powerful Woman in the Business World


Rona Borre founded tech staffing firm

A giant in the world of female entrepreneurs, Rona Borre has made a tremendous name for herself throughout her career. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Borre has used her degree in Business along with her knowledge and experience to make a tremendous impact in the business world. She has been recognized with numerous awards not only individually but with her company.

Borre holds a very impressive resume. The CEO of Instant Alliance, Rona sits on multiple board and holds multiple leadership roles including the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. During her career she has had the privilege of working with some big names in the news business including CNBC, CNN, CBS and Today. Her work has allowed her to be nationally recognized among woman entrepreneurs. Some of her other honors include being recognized as an influential woman by The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners. These impressive and respected awards do no include the numerous awards she has received as a member of her company.   Based on

Rona Borre founded tech staffing firm Instant Alliance from the comfort of her Chicago condo in 2001. She is currently a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. Her dreams and goals began from humble beginnings. She has showcased an ability to work hard and stay dedicated. This work ethic has allowed her to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs around. With this determination, she is sure to be a name you will hear about for many more years to come.

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Wine… To Drink Or Invest?

Wine, not only a delicious drink to pair with dinner but also a way to capitalize and bring in some extra cash. Wine has been along for a hundreds of years and UKV PLC is a company that helps consumers narrow in on what wine is best for them.

To say UKV PLC is a wine company is simply an understatement. They are an organization that is encompassed with several consultants that help consumers pick the perfect bottle of wine. They work with consumers with questions about investing in the wine business and they also help their clients pick out the perfect bottle of bubbly for dinner at home or for their big event.

Red, White and champagne doesn’t even begin to describe the wine selection UKV PLC has to choose from. Some examples of wines they offer include the exquisite Krug 2000 and the beautiful Massetto, Tenutam dell’Ornellaia 2010.

Just like almost every other business in existence today, UKV PLC has a broad social media presence. Their facebook page trends many articles on wine and other areas related to it. It not only discusses the company’s newest endeavors but it showcases wine health benefits and food pairings with wine as well.

When you purchase through UKV PLC you are not just buying a bottle of wine from a company, instead you gain an entire experience. You are educated on the wine you are interested in and the consultants discuss how it will go perfectly with what you have planned. If you choose to go with them to break into the wine businesses the consultants at UKV PLC will help you make the best decision for you and your new business venture.

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The Career of Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

One of the leading marketing executives in the United States is Lori Senecal. She is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as Global, This company specializes in providing marketing services and branding to a number of companies. Along with being the CEO of Global, Lori was also the Global Executive Chairman of a company known as KBS. Senecal was responsible for developing the overall marketing strategy for the company as well as putting together its overall vision. She would be responsible for finding ways to improve the branding image of her company as well as that of the company clients. When overseeing the marketing strategy, Lori would also look for the best ways to appeal to the company’s many customers as well. Another major responsibility that Lori had was to help establish a number of key connections with partner agencies.

With her experience in the marketing industry, Lori has frequently solidified her status as one of the top executives in the industry. She has helped her company Global grow into one of the leading marketing firms in the world. As well as helping her firm grow, Senecal has also exhibited top leadership along with improving client relationships. Her leadership skills have enabled her to inspire her subordinates as well as devise strategies that effectively allow the firm to reach its goals on a regular basis. With her ability to build client relationships, Lori has consistently gotten a number of customers to trust her company and remain loyal.

As part of her philosophy, Lori Senecal believes that in order to establish a competitive advantage, you must emphasize innovation and invention. With innovation, a company can come up with new ideas to help improve products and services. They can also be in position to come up with new ones that make things easier and more efficient for consumers. Along with innovation, invention will also help businesses thrive because this allows them to create new things on a regular basis. During her career, Lori assisted a number of companies establish their branding image through invention and innovation. She has enabled many companies such as start ups, content creators and technology companies develop a well known brand based on their ability to create new products and services.

During a recent interview by the New York TImes, Lori talked about her keys to success. One of the things she emphasizes is living a balanced lifestyle. She eats healthy and exercise regularly in order to keep herself in good shape. This also allows her to reduce stress and be more mentally prepared to deal with the challenges she faces in life. Along with living a balanced lifestyle, Lori has stated that her success in marketing stems from her ability to understand and empathize with consumers. This has allowed her to find out what consumers are looking for an assure them that their needs will always be met with the products and services available.

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The Woman With A Vision For Success, Julie Zuckerberg

If you are a financial expert who is interested in working in the financial sector, then you may try contacting lead recruiter Julie Zuckerberg to land you the right company. She is an executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg has worked in different firms holding the position of an executive recruitment director. Currently, she is the executive talent hiring director and vice president for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is a German investment bank that came about in 1870.

Her career in finance kicked off in 2002 when she was the Hiring Manager at Hudson. Julie Zuckerberg worked for this firm for five years. During her tenure at Hudson, she recruited case managers, ancillary staff, paralegals, and attorneys in either temporary or permanent positions. She was totally dedicated to her work as she took time out to disseminate both her clients and employees on how to win promotions, redeem company benefits and the right working conditions they should work. Julie Zuckerberg also acted as a bridge between employers and employees in instances of hiring new candidates or solving work related issues respectively. Finally, she made sure that Hudson filed all their legal requirements and Tax. Coming to the end of 2007, Julie Zuckerberg sought for greener pastures at Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions in New York as an Executive Recruiter. Her advanced skills offered recruiting services for Managing Director and Director Roles for Citi Global and CitiCards Consumer Marketing. She also disseminated top business heads on new compensation trends, hiring strategies, competitive markets, and how to retain talent in their firms. Julie Zuckerberg also led the negotiations and development of complex job offers that had equity awards, buyouts, relocation, clawbacks, immigration, among others hiring related issues.

Julie Zuckerberg’s current workplace

In April 2014, Julie Zuckerberg got hired by Deutsche Bank as the head of Talent Acquisition, and as an Executive Recruiter, she later got a promotion to the Vice President of the bank. During her stint there, she took care of contract governance with outsourcing companies and designing of initiatives like IHC and CCAR mandates. In November 2015, Julie’s unmatched efforts at Deutsche Bank got noticed, and her responsibilities got added. She now assumes new duties like collaborating with business entrepreneurs in Commercial Clients, Operations, handling of Private Wealth, and Global Technology. Julie Zuckerberg still continues to lead improvements in the acquisition strategies and recruitment processes. She also disseminates the recruiting coordinators and the team of recruiters in PW&CC, AM, and GTO.

Julie’s interests and hobbies

When Julie is not working, she engages in other physical activities which aren’t work-related. Currently, she resides in Manhattan, New York where the weather at times gets really cold, and jogging can keep you warm. Her other hobbies include discovering new technology, cooking or eating out, photography, and checking out art galleries. Besides all the above interest, Julie also prides in volunteering for programs that are related to economic empowerment, animal welfare, conserving the environment and anything that is human rights related.


Former Hawks ownership sues insurance company over Ferry settlement

The Atlanta Entertainment and Hawks Basketball team, under the leadership of the former NBA franchise ownership group, has an underway litigation against the Hampshire Assurance Company. For the company, they issued the lawsuit for failure to cover them for the specific insurance policies in issue. According to ESPN‘s report, it was a matter about contract breach involving the Hampshire Insurance Company over the claims made by Dan Ferry, the former general manager. The former Hawks ownership company was also thrilled to include the former ownership partner Bruce Levenson. According to a statement made by the litigation, the lawsuit had no involvement with the current management of the company.

The litigation was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County in September. This was a lawsuit against the Hampshire Insurance Company. According to the documents presented in court, it was a civil litigation that was a sign of bad insurance faith and contract breach by the insurance company based in the Atlanta, United States. The former managing company of the Hawks is claiming that the insurance company had them insured for certain losses which they failed to reimburse their claims. For this reason, they are deeming Hampshire as the best source of policies. The employment practices covered by the company Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination under certain acts of termination policies. According to the documents presented in court, AHBE has given notice to the company to claim the certain notices in the statements.

According to a report by PR News, they are aware of the current complaint. For this reason, they have worked to stay away from the company through their management policies. According to the confidential sources, they acclaims are confidential. The insurance policy was stated in a way to make the policies made manifest on a weekly basis.

Hawks Sale: