For Healthy Hair, Wen By Chaz Works

All kinds of issues can affect how a woman’s hair looks. These issues consist of whether she has fine, thick, oily or dry hair. The weather can also affect how a woman’s hair will look when she arrives at her destination. Many women shop around for various products to control their hair in all types of situations. They go to great lengths to find products that will work, and they spend money that they don’t have in order to get their hair looking good. In most cases, these products don’t work for them, and they are a waste of money. These women should try Wen by Chaz, and see how it will work for them.

Wen By Chaz Is A Product That Impresses Women

They find that they can use it with any hair type, and see their hair look health and shiny. It is so nice when they feel their soft hair, instead of brittle and dry, split ends. They love that Wen by Chaz Dean allows them to style their hair in an easy way, and they don’t have to spend hours on it.

Purchasing Wen By Chaz

When purchasing Wen by Chaz, many women buy more than one bottle. They like to have several on hand, in case they run out. Since it is shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, it is a reasonable purchase. Women also take advantage of any of the sales and promotions that are being offered at any given time.

Many women have found that Wen by Chaz produces great results right away for them. They will only use Wen by Chaz on their hair from that point on, and they are proud of how they look. They tell other women about their experience with the product so they too can benefit from it. Wen products are available on Sephora and


Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Makes Makeup Fun

Most women have fond memories of playing with their mother’s makeup as young girls. Faces smeared with too bright lipstick, and blue eye shadow from lashes to brows, smiling at the camera sheepishly yet proudly once they were caught. Lime Crime creator Doe Deere is no exception. To the delight of makeup lovers all over, she took that girlish love of color and turned it into a successful makeup company and earned herself the title of “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur” by Galore magazine.


Lime Crime is one of many companies that saw its success start as a result of the internet. Deere was quickly recognized for her bold makeup choices from pictures she posted on Instagram- a place she still uses to draw inspiration for her makeup. It was only fitting then that it was one of the first online native makeup brands and it has paved the way for others.


Doe Deere’s company is best known for its Matte Velvetines lip color, which was inspired by the feel of rose petals. This is not your grandmother’s rose colored lipstick though, it comes in a wide variety of colors with fun names such as Alien, a vibrant green hue, and True Love, a gorgeous bright red. Don’t like matte lipstick? No problem. Lime Crime also offers lip colors with sparkly and metallic finishes, aptly named Diamond Crushers and Metallic Velvetines.


In addition to the lip colors the company is so well known for, they offer eye shadow palettes and liquid eyeliner. All of the makeup is for sale via their easy to navigate website. Part of Deere’s vision was to not only revolutionize what makeup looks like, but how people shop for it, and their website accomplishes this with easy to use menus and a pop up live chat feature to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Beyond the bold makeup options, Lime Crime is a company that cares, not only about their consumers, but also about the environment. They have been certified both vegan and cruelty-free in alignment with the personal values of creator Doe Deere, who has shown the world that a little girl with a dream and love of bright color can grow up to revolutionize the makeup industry.  Make sure to follow them on Tumblr for free tips, and great pictures of what Lime Crime looks can do for you.

Waiakea Forges a Path to Global Sustainability

Some would assume that a water company that sells locally sourced Hawaiian volcanic filtered water would have a pretty smooth path to deliver their products. I mean, the origin of this product is the epitome of organic and natural. The volcanic form of filtration minimizes the presence of contaminants and other harmful substances from the environment with ease. The age of the water before bottling is only 30 days, making it even more safe for those who drink this water.

Waiakea Water delivers the smoothness of the electrolyte rich taste to their customers, but they take the extra work upon themselves to be a globally sustainable company. Careful attention has been paid to each step in the manufacturing and delivery process to make this brand as environmentally friendly as possible.

Waiakea water is the first premium water bottle company to be identified as certified carbon neutral. By focusing on ethics, sustainability, and health Waiakea is solidifying itself as a brand that makes people feel better about themselves in every way.

Waiakea springs implements processes and systems to ensure that they are not only providing water that is good for the people who are drinking it. Waiakea also conducts their business in a way that significantly reduces the effects of their carbon footprint on the planet.

This sustainable water company has also forged a path to provide clean water to those who don’t have access to it. By teaming up with Pump Aid they have created a social initiative that will impact the world in a positive way. For every liter of water that Waiakea water sells they will donate 650 liters to areas all across the world that are in need of clean water. Learn more about Waiakea water:

So far they’ve delivered 500 million liters of water to those communities. Surprisingly, the charitable contributions of Waiakea don’t even make up for a third of the company’s success.

The impact that this brand makes on the world has definitely impacted the growth of the company as a whole. Within just three years of launching, the company has seen an overall growth of 5,000%. According to CharmCityBeverage, Waiakea Water is available in 2,000 stores and 30 states across the U.S. Waiakea water is currently available at Whole Foods, Wa Wa, and other premium chains.

The latest numbers reveal that the company is valued at over $10 million. The increased international demand for the product has also led to the launch of a local manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

Bruce Levenson Looks To Close The Final Chapter Of Atlanta Hawks Ownership

The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, has joined with the other members of the former ownership group to pursue an insurance claim that remains unpaid from their time at the NBA franchise. Levenson and his fellow former owners under the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC banner are still waiting for an insurance payout they feel should have been made following the agreement reached with former Hawks General manager Danny Ferry to leave the organization just two days before the team was sold to current owner Tony Ressler.

According to Forbes, Bruce Levenson took control of the Hawks organization in 2004 along with his long term business partner Ed Peskowitz and a number of other shareholders, who combined to create a successful period in the history of the franchise over the next decade; during the period with Levenson heading the Hawks the team moved from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed for the playoffs in a single decade.

The success of Bruce Levenson is not limited to the NBA franchise he headed, but takes in the success he has achieved as the co-founder of the United Communications Group alongside Piskowitz. Moving with the latest technology has always been an important aspect of business for Bruce, and led to real time analytics being used for UCG and in the creation of the GasBuddy app.

The lawsuit brought against AIG insurance group comes after the Levenson led Hawks had taken out an insurance policy against any unfair or constructed dismissal claims brought against the franchise. Upon the termination of Ferry’s contract Levenson and his fellow former owners believed the insurance policy with AIG should have been triggered; AIG has so far refused to make payments on the policy without providing reasons why they believe Ferry’s dismissal does not meet the conditions of the insurance policy.



Is Waiakea Water the Perfect Bottled Water?

Over the past several years, consumers have been shunning bottled water companies, and with good reason. Many have been flat out untruthful. Cases have surfaced in which companies selling bottled water have simply marketed their products as being “spring water,” when it reality the water was nothing more than filter tap water.

On top of that, environmentally conscious buyers have become very aware of the fact that plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, creating an immense amount of waste and pollution.

The bottled water industry needs a revolution and Waiakea water might just be the company to spark it.

Firstly and most importantly, the source of the water cannot be brought into question. According to Aquagrade, Waiakea’s water comes from the snow-laden peaks of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, southwest of the town of Hilo, and is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock.

Company founder Ryan Emmons launched the company in 2012 when he realized that he and his family were paying for bottled water that tasted just like regular tap water. After doing some research, he realized that his family had access to natural springs on the Big Island – an incredibly sustainable, pure and healthy water source.

And considering the fact that the water comes from one of the purest sources on the planet, it’s no surprise that Waiakea spring water is rich in minerals, naturally alkaline and loaded with electrolytes.

On top of that, every aspect of the bottling process takes sustainability into consideration. The water is bottled at a factory that uses renewable power. The packaging is also sustainable.

Waiakea water is bottled in 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It’s the first premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral®.

The process for making these bottles wastes 85% less energy than what it takes to fabricate regular plastic bottles. Additionally, it produces almost 90% less carbon emissions.

But it gets even better. Not only does Waiakea invest in protecting the environment, the company has a strong humanitarian spirit as well and donates a tremendous 650 liters to communities around the world that need clean water for every liter that the company sells.

Consumers have recognized Waiakea water’s pursuit of excellence and are buying in. According to NewYou, Waiakea Water sees an annual growth rate of about 170 percent and the company is now valued at well over $10 million.

And it’s well deserved. The main reason bottled water sales have been down is because consumers simply believe that it simply isn’t worth the money. But with Waiakea spring water, it just might be.

Town Residential adds another outpost to its ever growing portfolio

Town Residential is back in the news again with the addition of yet another outpost to its wide array of luxurious offices in and around New York City. This will be the company’s 10th Manhattan outpost since its inception back in the year 2010. The new outpost of the company has been set in the Meatpacking District of NYC and has intrinsic value in the long run due to it access to residential neighborhoods along the river Hudson which also helps boost its brand value.

The company has leased out the second floor of 446W. 14th St. in its entirety. The new office boasts of 7100 square foot space with 16-foot ceilings and has ready access to a private roof deck which sits on top of the three storied building. Speaking to the media, Mr. Heiberger, the founder, and CEO of the residential brokerage firm said the move will help position Town Residential as a brokerage for high-end sales and will help attract brokers. The new outpost will be the first brokerage of its kind to feature an outdoor space for brokers to meet with clients. Joining Town Residential in its new office will be another boutique firm Thomas and Ingram that has its focus on the West Village area. Meanwhile, Mr. Heiberger would himself be relocating to a new smaller office at 45 Horatio St. in West Village.

Sitting at the entrance to High Line, the new office is of great significance due to its emerging residential neighborhoods which continue to grow at a significant pace with new condo buildings and commercial complexes springing in the area. Apart from the Meatpacking District, Town Residential has opened up offices in other high profile locations as well which include its headquarters at 33 Irving Place, east of Union Square and at 530 Laguardia Place in Greenwich Village.

The deals were not made public by Mr. Heiberger but as per estimates the prices in the area are well beyond $90 per square foot. The building’s landlord is Thor Equities, which also happens to be Town’s Residential parent investor and is one of the largest owners of retail space in the city.

About Town Residential

Started in the year 2010, Town Residential has established itself as a premium boutique brokerage firm in the city. The firm was founded by Andre Heiberger who now sits as its current CEO. In a recent poll undertaken by Crain’s, the firm also emerged as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

Town City was recently in the news for acquiring the boutique firm Thomas and Ingram, whose focus is the area of West Village. The firm would be moving along with Town Residential to their new office in the Meatpacking District.


More Than a Century Later, OSI Group’s Expansion Continues

OSI group is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world, valued at $6.1 billion by Forbes as of this year. The US-based company deals with food supplies, especially meat processing. Among its products are beef patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, pork, poultry, and vegetable products. OSI Group has locations and plants in various parts of the country, with some of them located in Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, West Jordan and Riverside. The company’s international headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois.

Other facilities of the group are in over 15 other countries around the world. The company serves both Foodservice and retail customers. One of the company’s biggest customers is China, where the company markets its products to outlets such as subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Background of the Company

OSI began as a small family business by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who moved into the US in 1907. Kolschowsky opened the business in 1909 and eight years later expanded the business into a wholesale outlet. During the years following its opening, the company gained the reputation for offering top-quality meat products. The company’s first major break came in 1955 when Mc Donald’s chose Kolchowsky’s meat supply to provide meat to them. McDonald’s became Otto&Sons’ leading customers, and this fostered the rapid expansion of Otto’s business. By 1973, Otto&Son’s had acquired specially developed patty-forming machines and liquid-freezing tunnels. The company installed these devices in its new high-volume meat plant in West Chicago. In 1975, the company adopted its current name OSI Industries. From then onwards, OSI Industries served as the exclusive supplier to McDonald’s. This lucrative deal led to a period of prosperity for OSI. By the year 2011, OSI Group was already generating annual revenue of $3 billion and was among the top 200 largest private companies.

Current Expansion Activities

Over the years, OSI has acquired several other food supply groups. One of the most recent acquisitions was the Tyson Foods plant on South Side. This year, OSI Group, LLC purchased Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods. The acquisition of the Dutch company afforded OLC Group greater presence in Europe.

OSI continues to deliver top quality meat products to its customers. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards including awards for management health and safety risks. The company has also received recognition for its excellent environmental governance. Recent acquisitions point to a brilliant future to the large meat supplier.