Lovaganza Traveling Show Set to Begin in 2017

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza, a celebration of all the cultures of the world, is set to take place in 2020. The event, which will be held in eight locations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, and Oceania. Lovaganza: A Bohemian Celebration seeks to evoke the nostalgia of the old World’s Fair international optimism and cooperation, as well as the ethereal feeling of the old Cinerama movie-going experience, through its film trilogy.

The immersive technology, known as “Immerscope,” a type of glassless 3D technology, will be a central part of the four-month event. In 2017, the “Traveling Show,” an effort by Lovaganza to promote their technology and the 2020 festival, will begin showcasing three films around the world at pavilions using the new technology. The three films, known as the Lovaganza Convoy, are currently in production in such far-flung locations as Spain, California and India.

The Lovaganza Trilogy are films that have been written to inspire and celebrate. They are meant to spread to the Lovaganza message of peace and world unity, as well as help people find comfort and solace in their lives. Lovaganza’s main goals are to effect positive change by using the latest in film-making technology.

Lovaganza: A Bohemian experience seeks to lift humans beings up so that they “follow their own sunshine.” In other words, the Lovaganza experience is meant to help people find their own meaning in their lives. Lovaganza is made up of two strands: the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise on YouTube is a for-profit entity which seeks to bring people uplifting entertainment and help the find fulfillment and contentment. The Lovaganza Foundation, however, which is scheduled to begin in 2018, is a non-profit effort with the goal to end child hunger and provide a decent quality of life for all children by the year 2035.

Lovaganza is an international effort with many admirable goals. The event seeks to open people’s minds and hearts and make them more in-tune with themselves and the world. The Foundation has the complementary goal of ending child hunger and helping young people achieve a higher quality of life.

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ConnectUs by Securus Technologies Consolidates Multiple Resources

It takes time to file a complaint and grievance form. It’s not going to happen in seconds. The officer has to retrieve the form, fill out his or her necessary segments, return the form to its rightful place, and said form must be stored. Now, a regular inmate produces 13.8 complaint and grievance forms every month. In an institution that only has 200 inmates, that’s over 2,700 pages to go through. It doesn’t matter how well staffed the institution is, that corrective facility has hours of work on its hands. And how much is a man hour worth at a corrective facility?

A little math reveals just how much time is involved in filing regular complaints and grievances forms. If one form takes five minutes, and there are approximately 13.8 per inmate in a 200 inmate facility, then that’s 2,760 complaint and grievances forms a month. If each of those forms only requires five minutes of processing, that’s 230 hours a month, or 2,760 hours a year. Basically, one form in a 200 person facility ends up generating an hour’s work by the end of the year–when the numbers are finally crunched. At only $20 an hour, 2,760 hours becomes $55,200, or enough to buy a cheap little house in a down market.

Securus Technologies is combatting this exceptional yearly loss to thousands of US penitentiaries with ConnectUs, a digital application platform which totally removes the need for any physical complaint/grievance form. Prisoners can now file their forms with the touch of a button and it will be instantly stored for future reference in a clean, secure system. Securus Technologies serves 1.2 million inmates across the US, and over 2000 correctional facilities–as well as 1500 support facilities that aren’t full-time penitentiaries. The potential for savings with full implementation of ConnectUs is 2000+ multiplied by P,000+, or $100,000,000+. Securus is offering game-changing consolidation software through ConnectUs.

Norka Luque Is Following In The Footsteps Of Shakira

Norka Luque has followed the career of fellow Venezuelan singing sensation, Shakira, for years. Norka knew she had the talent and the ambition to be recording artist and performer like Shakira, but she didn’t know the path to achieving that goal would be filled with the challenging experiences that she faced along the way.

Norka was born to be a singer. At eight, she was cast in a musical that was loosely based on Shakira’s music. She moved to the United States, and she continued to study voice and the piano. She decided to move to France to go to college. She earned a degree in Business Administration, but she also added a few years of singing experience to her resume when she became the lead singer for a group known as, Bad Moon Rising. Bad Moon Rising played in the dance clubs in France, and Norka Luque developed a following because of the tone and character of her voice. She loved the sound of rock, pop, reggae, and R&B. Norka developed a sound that incorporated all those musical influences, and the club rats loved it.

Luque stayed in France, and she worked in Monte Carlo after graduating, but in 2006, she went to a Ricky Martin concert and had an epiphany. She realized music was her first love, so her business career would have to wait. Norka Luque moved to the United States, and she decided to find a job in Miami. Miami was the hub for Latino music, and she had a sound that would rock Latino audiences. Norka found a job in a South Beach nightclub, and she was recognized as a new Latino singer with an unusual voice immediately. Word spread, and Emilio Estefan, the Grammy-winning producer of the Miami Sound Machine, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and others, asked Norka to audition for him and his team of composers. Estefan signed her on the spot, and Norka and the Estefan team went to work on an album.

The first single from the album was released in 2011, and it was good enough to earn her a best female vocalist of the year nomination. Her second single, Milagro, stayed on top of the music charts in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States for weeks. Her third single was released in 2016, and it raced up the Latino music charts.

Norka Luque doesn’t sound like Shakira, but she is following in her footsteps as far as making to the top of the music industry. Norka was born to be a star, and the world knows that now.

Twitter: @norkaluque

Light and Manageable Hair with Wen by Chaz

I’ve noticed that most of the models and actresses on Television and in films have notably great hair. There’s just no question that great hair is pretty much a requirement for being considered a great beauty, which is all the more reason why I’ve long felt frustrated with my hair. Without great hair, how you really feel that you’re a fetching lady?

My hair tends to be very oily and flat, which makes it hard to manage. The dream of being a fabulous model with great hair has been a far away dream for me. I pretty much had given up, but then I heard about a new product called Wen hair by Chaz.

The Wen by Chaz hair care product line is natural and organic, and it smells fantastic. Chaz is a stylist who created the products after realizing how many of his salon clients were looking for better quality products that were all natural. I tried the Sweet Almond Mint shampoo/conditioner as it seemed right for my type of hair.

I used the product for a week straight, using a palmful with each wash, as recommended. Within days my hair was lighter, fluffier and much easier to style. People complimented me. I started to feel better about my overall appearance. It really was quite a transformation.

I love the way my hair looks and feels now, and I’m going to continue to use the Chaz Dean product line. Wen hair care products by Chaz are sold on Total Beauty and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

I haven’t filmed a commercial or movie yet, but I expect the offers to come in soon. Yes, my hair feels that great. It looks great, too. For more info on Wen hair, read http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

Madison Street Capital Offers Excellent Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital is one of the most-notable valuation firms in the world, and their leader Anthony Marsala has been lauded for his excellent work on multiple occasions. A corporation or investor in need of valuation information may approach Madison Street at any time, and this article explains how the information ensures appropriate business transactions in all instances. Valuation goes above and beyond the perceived value of a business to its inner core.

#1: There Are Several Factors To Consider

There are several factors to consider when a business must be valued before an investment or sale. Investors may approach Madison Street for valuation information on a potential investment, and the investor will learn what a percentage of the business is worth. The total value of the business is determined in the process, and a sale price may be set by the client given the report.

#2: Madison Street’s Incredible Track Record

Madison Street’s track record speaks for itself, and there are quite a few people who have spoken to Anthony over the years about their companies. Anthony completes reports for business owners who are selling shares in their companies, and Madison Street ensures that every business transaction is made using the most-accurate information available.

#3: Facilitating Sales

Facilitating a sale is part of the service provided by the Madison Street staff. There are quite a few businesses who require a middleman for the sale, and Madison Street has someone handling the cash from the sale when it occurs. Business investors are given peace of mind due to the proper handling of the sale, and the Madison Street team distributes cash after the sale to ensure everyone who has a stake in the sale is satisfied.

The Madison Street Capital staff is dedicated to customer care, and they provide valuation along with sales mediation that is required for all investments. Everyone who chooses to make an investment may use Madison Street for their business intelligence.

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Learn more about their services: http://www.madisonstreetcapital.com/services/

Reputation Management Firm Boosts Their Own Image

Status Labs, a crisis and reputation management firm, recently found themselves in their own disaster. Undeservedly, their previous CEO performed very poorly and caused great harm to the companies reputation. His actions hurt a very honest and reputable company. Status Labs, at that point, did what they know how to do best. They worked to restore their name to the rightful honor it deserves.

The first action they did was remove the individual who had caused so much pain from his position. The employees of the company unanimously agreed that the executive should face a public resignation in order to show the world that Status Labs was now rid of him.

Immediately after, they started to build their reputation the best way they could; through changing their relation with the public to better match what they represented.

Status Labs took a new group photo, this time without the executive. They released this photo and an open letter written and signed by all the employees at the firm. This was done to put real human faces on the company. The public may have hated the name because of what the executive had done, but they knew nothing of the employees who worked there. The anger from the public was genuinely misdirected. They should have been angry at the individual, not the company.

Next, the company looked at itself in relation to the community around them. They realized that they rarely interacted with the different facets of social life in the area. As a result, they began working more and more with people who lived in the area that they worked. This served to further personify Status Labs. In addition, team morale that had been lost in the scandal had now been boosted to unknown heights.

Status Labs, the public relations firm, had found themselves in a crisis of their own. After the dangerous actions of the executive made in his own personal lives, the firm found themselves vilified by the Austin community. After working to restore their image to what it had been. Rightfully, the company image is now restored back. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company and their services.