George Soros Defines A Possible Deja Vu of 2008


Is the market experiencing deja vu of 2008? In January 2016, George Soros, announced a possible repeat of the 2008 market crash, but not as severe as the crash experienced at that time. China will experience the jolt more severe than the U.S. markets.

Nevertheless, the shock waves will move through the global markets. Since January, we have experienced the shock waves in the market, although the market attempts to correct itself, it is still reverberating from the January hit. Bloomberg business discussions state that “we have a right to be nervous.”

George Soros announced at the recent Sri Lanka economic forum in January, that China is struggling to find a new growth model to stabilize the currency devaluation. Soros also states that the return to positive interest rates will be a quest for the developing world, considering the similarities of the 2008 crisis.

Moving through January and putting the new year behind us China is shifting away from investment and manufacturing and looking at consumption and services. Soros spoke of China’s problem adjusting to the financial crisis being serious, but not as detrimental to the market as the 2008 crisis.

The Soros hedge-fund firm gained a steady 20 percent each year from 1969 to 2011, having a net worth of $27.3 billion, as recorded by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Soros began his investing in the 1950s, moving him into the big league investors gaining his financial genius status in 1992 when he netted $1 billion on a bet that the U.K. pound would devalue. Soros acquired the tag “The man who broke the Bank of England.”

The China Communist Party has announced they will begin the gradual dismantle of capital controls and raise the yuan’s convertibility by the year 2020. Volatility is surging this year with the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index up 13 percent. The index is known as the “fear gauge” or VIX. The People’s Bank of China has already cut interest rates while the authorities pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy.

During this period of market ups and down you will hear the gold reserves monitors dusting off their credentials as the price of gold increase as the market dips and rises in the financial sea of turmoil. Be alert, astute, and mindful of the world around you when managing your personal finances. Continue to be cautious investors and pay attention to market fluctuations investing accordingly.

Lime Crime Makes A Statement

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As Prices Fall, Soros Drops Energy


According to an article published by The Street, investors may be wary of putting money into, or keeping their investments in energy stocks for much longer. If the reporting is turns out to be accurate, this spells an uncertain trading future in what was often considered a safe investment by even the most successful of investors.

George Soros, famed philanthropic billionaire, had let go of several holdings in the energy sector at the end of 2015. Through the Soros Fund Management, his private investment firm Soros relinquished his holdings in NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. When it comes to energy markets, few are as big and well known as these three, so why would Soros, a gifted and tested investor, simply walk away from what was likely a sizable portion of his portfolio? Could he know something other investors don’t, and should they follow his lead?

It’s no secret that oil prices have been dwindling over the last two years, performing well under estimates from practically any source worth checking. Conflict in the Middle East between several nations and ISIS have made matters worse, and it seems only Russia and Saudi Arabia have the inclination and ability to cut oil production in hopes of raising the value of their remaining stores. But this hasn’t affected much for the better.

Trouble in this market could be traced back to 2014. Since then, the price of a barrel of oil has plummeted by 73%, which no doubt helped Soros in making his decision to get rid of those stocks. And beyond these markets problems are compounded for the millions of Americans working in the energy sector, making up about 5% of the country’s overall workforce, impacting the nation’s GDP and the economy of interaction nations abroad. How this affects the overall economy could be determined in numbers provided by Goldman Sachs. According to their analyses, consumers in the US devotes a third of all its spending in energy, and a quarter of all research and development projects are dedicated to energy solutions. That’s a great deal of money taken out of circulation with the new price of crude, and if like Soros an investor has money in energy, it may be wise to move it now.

George Soros is a native of Hungary, but fled during the Nazi occupation of his country for the United States. There he had a rough start to a financial career that would eventually progress, making him one of the most successful investors in the world.

Apart from his professional career, Soros has also worked for human rights across the world. With Open Society Foundation, Soros has coordinated with human rights groups, fighting for transparency and against oppression for over forty years.