The Growth and Future of the NBA

The NBA, which stands for the National Basketball Association, is continually growing with time. More and more people are utilizing the NBA to expand their careers or just to enjoy their all-time favorite sport. One of the most important aspects of the NBA is its growth and the fact that it has been an association for decades now. It is one of the largest sports associations in the world because of the immense amount of players and fans that it currently has. For anyone who doesn’t know about the NBA, you are seriously missing out on some of the best basketball players in the history of the sport.

The fact that the NBA is continually growing is one of the reasons it is one of the largest sports associations in the world. They have brought in a ton of amazing players who are all fantastic at what they do, ensuring that fans always are able to follow their favorite players of all time. From Michael Jordan to others, you will see that the NBA offers its fans lots of opportunities to explore the world of basketball and meet old and new budding stars who are fantastic at this particular sport.

One of the major benefits to the NBA would be its owner and businessman, founder of UCG known as Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has been with the NBA for quite some time now and is a huge benefit to the association and its growth. The fact that Bruce Levenson has been with the NBA since its beginning and has always made sure that its players and fans are kept happy is what makes this association a fantastic match for basketball players all over the world. Despite adversary, Bruce Levenson has grown with the company and has continued to do many things for the overall benefit of the association.

The NBA is a wonderful association that has been around for a very long time now and is continuing to grow with time. Because of the fact that it employs many older and newer basketball players, it makes it easy for fans to find the player who they can root for each and every game. You can also find streaming videos online if this is something you feel you might be interested in. The fact that you can stream games and player information online through the NBA makes it easy for you to continually keep up with the association.

The NBA has never stopped when it concerns its growth, and it is always doing things to benefit both players and fans. From regular games to making sure that there are always fan memorabilia to check out, it’s easy to use the NBA to your advantage. It is a good idea to check out the NBA and its site to see what is available to you. Consider the benefits that you can get from the NBA, you will find that it is an association that has allowed basketball to grow as a sport and become incredibly popular.

Hedge Fund Genius Ken Griffin Thinks China Lost Its Economic Swagger

Ken Griffin, the founder of the giant hedge fund company Citadel LLC, has a keen sense when it comes to forecasting how emerging markets are going to perform. Griffin started Citadel in 1990. Mr. Griffin has been knocked around financially through the years, but he managed to keep the company intact even though the 2008 recession almost destroyed the company. Griffin learned a lot while he rebuilt his hedge fund investments with his limited partners. He made some risky moves in terms of asset management, but they paid off and the company became a giant within four years. Today, Citadel and Griffin are on top of the hedge fund world with billions of assets under management, and an alternative asset management plan that is considered the best in the business.

The BRICS countries have been keeping hedge fund managers up at night this year because of their economic issues. China, the leader of the five-nation alliance, which includes Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia is stumbling economically, and no one is sure if the country will ever be the same economic powerhouse. China’s stock market lost 45 percent of its value this year, and China manufacturing is having a hard time keeping the production lines full. The Chinese government has pumped billions into the economy in order to kick-start the market and their manufacturing capabilities, but Ken Griffin says China’s solutions haven’t worked so far. Mr. Griffin thinks China has lost its extraordinary economic swagger, and that is hurting investors that have billions invested in BRICS markets. If China is not buying goods from other countries that have a partnership with them, those countries suffer economically. Brazil is a good example of that.

Mr. Griffin says the world doesn’t know what’s going on in China at the moment, and the not knowing is not good for investors. Griffin also thinks that China has given some of its economic power to the United States, because of the co-dependency that exists between the two nations. China needs America more than ever now if the country wants to bring its export business back to where it was.

The issue, according to Griffin is, China is trying to transform itself from a nation that makes cheap goods for other countries to a domestic-driven economy. The Chinese have a growing middle class that is able to purchase more Chinese goods than ever before, but many of them want to buy imports too. That’s basically called a “middle-income trap” that many developing nations experience when they reach a certain point in time, according to Mr. Griffin. The Chinese will get their capitalistic act together, and investors will reap the rewards of their actions, but Griffin says the once great Chinese economic swagger will never be the same.

Yeonmi Park Role in Human Activism

Human activist is mostly found in countries where the citizens are not comfortable with the leadership. Activists conduct their activities in various ways with the main aim being to create awareness to the citizens of the injustices being committed by the government. This can be through demonstrations or through holding forums and recently there is the use of social media by activists to reach their target. Their actions however do not go well with the government which feels like its influence to its people is being challenged. Some governments are open to critics and so they allow activists to run their business while some do not entertain any person or organization challenging the leadership. Such governments or regimes are mostly dictatorial.

One of the countries experiencing bad leadership is North Korea and as a result, there have been bold people who are determined to ensure that things are done in the right way. One of such activist is Yeonmi Park who is a female activist on twitter who has become popular for his young age and great courage to stand against the leadership of North Korean government. This has made her to be sought after by the authority with the aim of stopping her activism against the government.

The government has tried on several occasions to silence her through smear campaigns which are aimed at portraying her as a puppet of the west. The latest move by the government was on 31 January, 2015 when they posted a video on the government owned website which denounced Yeonmi Park which was aimed at assassinating her character. This has also happened previously to other human right activists and defectors that have tried to challenge the North Korean government. Park Sang-hak has also faced similar treatment by the government who has labeled him as a human scum for his campaigns against the North Korean regime.

Yeonmi Park is currently a student of criminal justice at Dongguk University in Seoul and features in various media houses such as South Korean TV, BBC, Radio Free Asia and Voice of America. In all these features, she narrates the painful story that the people of North Korea go through in their day to day lives under the current regime. Her story has also been featured in various publishing companies such as New York Times, The Guardian and the North Korean News. Her story involves her experiences from the day she was born to when they escaped to China with her father for fear of execution by the North Korean Government. The first time she told her story was during the One Young World Summit in Dublin where the she narrated how they walked for miles with her mother in search of freedom through Gobi desert on their way to Mongolia. The story was so emotional that it left the audience in tears. The same was widely shared on YouTube and the truth was known to the world.

Today’s Beauty Product Scene

Every woman like Doe Deere knows deep down that looking her very best is critically important to her confidence and well being. It’s a woman’s belief in herself that often drives her creative side, moving her to be playful and take chances in the way she makes herself up. Adding extra creativity to a makeup routine really enhances a woman’s beauty and ultimately will bring new energy to her overall appeal, so why not go all out and really embrace those good looks?


Right now, there’s a welcome new trend in beauty products, and it’s all about taking a look a little bit farther, all the way into something truly bold. Beauty that has a wow factor comes from taking chances, and it also comes from having the right products and really knowing how to use them. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting trends in makeup that are happening now.


Some of the major makeup brands like Revlon, L’Oreal and Cover Girl are all about the eyebrows these days. Today, the styling of classic looking eyebrows is being given as much attention as tried and true eye makeup, which has generally focused more on liners, shadows and mascaras. Still, the big news in the comeback of the eyebrow is that a really well shaped, contoured and pencilled eyebrow has huge impact, especially when those brows are providing an elegant frame for beautifully made up eyes.


A slightly shimmering, iridescent look that glows underneath darker eyeshadow is another look that’s trending right now, and there’s no question it’s a beauty winner. The look can be achieved by brushing on a light layers of iridescent powder over the eyelids, and then following it up with a lush shade of sable brown or brownish maroon.


While we’re focusing on the eyes, it’s important not to ignore those all important lips. The lips are also becoming a major focus with great lipsticks out there from brands like Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the creation of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, who’s made it her cause to create lip colors that make a statement. The Unicorn Lipsticks from Lime Crime certainly do, as they go on thick and pouty, in bold colors that range from bright blue to green to hotter than hot pink. The result is lips that are kissable as can be.

As the Fall comes around, there’s a feeling of change in the air, and that change should take place in embracing some bold new looks that make that gorgeous face that much more beautiful.

Aspire For Luxuty


Whether you’re a New Brunswick native looking for a new home or brand new to the city and looking to settle down, The Aspire is the place to settle in if you’re looking for a higher standard of living. The Aspire is the Boraie Development Company’s newest residential building in the heart of New Brunswick. The seventeen story high rise is built for people looking for a luxurious and modern home stacked with amenities both in home and for all residents of the building.

The Aspire contains a multitude of apartments ranging from studio, one bedroom and two bedroom with a variety of layouts for each. Stunning hardwood floors run throughout the dining room, living room and kitchen while fresh, untouched carpet lays in each bedroom. Each kitchen contains stainless steel appliances, quartz counter tops and prep space. Washers and dryers are just a few steps away and located within the apartment itself along with set-up ready cable and internet hookups.

Among the many in home amenities the building itself also offers a vast amount for all residents as a whole. Their doorman is 24/7 and they also offer a state of the art gym, attached parking deck with lobby access, two communal green spaces, indoor bike storage, individual storage and on site management. The Aspire is also conveniently located in walking distance of the NJ Transit Train Station and right in front of restaurants, cafe’s and the University Hospital.

The Aspire is one of many projects created, developed and managed by Boraie Development in their three decade long goal to enhance urbanized communities in New Jersey. The Boraie Development focus their energy on revitalizing and reconstructing multiple types of properties that will attract new business and residents, thus boosting the cities economy and popularity. Their projects range from commercial, mixed-use properties, retail and residential as well as offering management services like leasing, maintenance and accounting.

They’ve played a prominent role in the revitalization of New Brunswick and has been focusing their attention on the downtown City of Newark. With their widely publicized partnership with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal they’ve been able to develop more residential and commercial real estate in Newark as well as other cities in New Jersey. The partnership renovated the old theater on Springfield Avenue, managing to turn it into the largely popular CityPlex 12 in 2012. With projects like those, the revenue and business opportunities will continue to flourish in New Jersey thanks to the consistent love and devotion from the Boraie Development.